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WILLET TEAM: Production Manager

When you work with Willet Construction for your home remodel project, you have a whole team working for you. First will be your Project Developer &/or Designer, then our Estimator, Production Manager, Lead Carpenter and other field staff. You might also work with one or more of our trusted trade partners. Each is on board with the Willet Mission Statement of giving you an exceptional experience.

Working with Willet Construction for your home remodel project is a multi-step process that involves several skilled and dedicated individuals that make up our awesome team. Once your project is under contract, our Production Manager, Nicholas Jacobsen, begins his involvement.
Some of the things he will do for you is schedule your project, which includes any trades for the project along with our workers. This means he will be communicating with you to let you know who will be in your home and when.

Our scheduling is one thing our clients appreciate most. We don’t leave you hanging or wondering what’s going to happen, or when your project will be done. You will be able to see the end of your project from the beginning, along with every step along the way. When unforeseen items pop up, they are dealt with immediately to keep the schedule rolling.
Nicholas will also assign the Lead Carpenter, oversee material orders, and visit job sites to make sure things are running smoothly and safely. Part of the process includes the job “autopsy” after completion. This is where we evaluate the project after completion to see what went well, and where we might improve for future projects. We are continually looking for ways to improve the process and your experience with Willet Construction.

Nicholas Jacobsen has been with Willet Construction for several years, and is a great asset to the team. He has a calm demeaner which enables him to address any problems that might arise with a level head. He also has a great construction knowledge base that enables him to assess problems and figure out solutions. He is also a great teacher, sharing his knowledge with our carpenters when needed.

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