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Are you looking to enhance your home with a bedroom addition in Lincoln, NE? Whether you’re considering converting an existing room into a bedroom or planning a brand-new addition, Willet Construction can bring your vision to life.

Serving Lincoln since 1995, we offer top-quality service, unparalleled work, and a seamless design/build remodeling experience. Our family-owned, second-generation business is ready to provide a one-stop shop for the interior and exterior services necessary for a bedroom addition.

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Design Considerations for a Bedroom Addition

When planning a bedroom addition, you must consider several key factors to ensure the new space meets your needs and complements your home’s existing layout and design.

Here are the most important points to keep in mind:

  • Location & layout: If you’re converting an existing room into a bedroom, the location is already chosen for you. But when constructing a new addition, you must assess the available space on your property and the structural integrity of your home to identify the best location for a new bedroom. Aim for a layout that ensures easy access and flows well with the rest of the house.
  • Light fixtures: Choose lighting that enhances the bedroom’s functionality and ambiance, from ceiling-mounted lights for general illumination to bedside lamps for reading. Choose lighting styles that complement the room’s decor and provide adjustable light levels for different scenarios.
  • Windows: Plan for ample natural light and views through strategically placed windows, skylights, or glass walls. The right windows can enhance energy efficiency and enrich the room’s aesthetic. Be mindful about positioning the bed to take advantage of the best views while maintaining privacy.
  • Additional features: Bedrooms aren’t just for sleeping. Extra features like a fireplace, built-in entertainment center, or sitting area add comfort and versatility to the space.

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Home addition with large scenic windows, tan brick wall, and fireplace. Light wood floors and wood beam across ceiling.

Adding or Converting a Bedroom

You can take several approaches when adding a bedroom to your Lincoln home, each with pros and cons. Your three primary options include:

  • Building up: Adding a second-story bedroom or expanding an existing room on the second floor provides additional living space without sacrificing your yard. However, it may require significant structural modifications, including removing and rebuilding parts of the roof. This makes the project more complicated and may not always be feasible.
  • Building out: Expanding your home with a new ground-floor bedroom is often logistically easier. It also caters to people with mobility issues who can’t navigate the stairs. The biggest drawback is that it reduces your outdoor living space.
  • Converting a room: Transforming an existing space into a bedroom is the simplest, most cost-effective option. Still, it requires careful consideration of layout and functionality to make it work well as a bedroom.

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