Bathroom Additions in Lincoln

Bathroom addition with stand-in shower and separate soaking tub. Dual vanity, white cabinets, light tile floor, and light stone countertop.

Does your home have the perfect layout and a well-designed kitchen in a lovely Lincoln neighborhood? You would be satisfied, but there’s just one problem — you don’t have enough bathrooms. This might not warrant moving, but it can be a constant struggle. The solution is to add an extra bathroom to your home.

Since 1995, Willet Construction has helped homeowners in the Lincoln area make their home improvement dreams a reality. Our top-notch services and award-winning design team ensure an enjoyable experience from the initial meeting to the final walk-through.

The Advantages of a Bathroom Addition

Still considering the idea of adding a bathroom? There are various advantages to a bathroom addition, including:

  • Privacy: Having someone knock on the bathroom door when you need a little peace and quiet is unpleasant. An extra bathroom allows you to indulge in a long, relaxing bubble bath without interruption.
  • Support your growing family: Perhaps your home had ample bathrooms when you moved in, but you’ve since added a child or two to the family. Now, everyone fights over the shower during the morning rush. An extra bathroom eases this daily hassle, making life better for everyone.
  • Boost home value: An added bathroom is a wise investment likely to raise your home’s resale value by 10% to 20%.
  • Accommodate houseguests: If you enjoy hosting, an extra bathroom is ideal. It provides a private space for guests to feel at home, making their stay enjoyable and convenient.

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A Bathroom Addition for Your Basement

An extra bathroom may serve you well almost anywhere, but the basement is a particularly beneficial place to add one.

Here’s why:

  • Use untapped space: Basements are often under-used. Transforming part of it into a bathroom is a smart way to make the most of your available square footage.
  • Increase functionality: Whether it’s a game night or a movie marathon, having a basement bathroom beats running up the stairs.
  • Facilitate a basement suite: A basement bathroom serves as a private space for in-laws, guests, or even paying tenants, creating a full-fledged suite on the lower level of your home.

At Willet Construction, basement remodeling is one of our specialties.

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What To Include in Your Bathroom Addition

Black and white bathroom addition with recessed lighting and soaking tub.

Adding a bathroom is your chance to reflect your style and meet your needs without compromise. Here are some popular features you may want to include:

  • Upscale bathroom cabinets: Choose the perfect vanity and cabinets to combine functionality and aesthetics.
  • Stylish fixtures and finishes: From frameless shower doors to oversized soaking tubs, your addition can blend luxury and style with the proper bathroom design.
  • Modern bathroom lighting: Ample lighting is crucial to set the mood and make your bathroom more functional. We can help you balance general, task, and ambient lighting.
  • Aging-in-place features: We design bathrooms that cater to older adults and anyone with accessibility needs, ensuring safety and comfort with universal design features like non-slip floors, grab bars, and barrier-free showers.

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