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April 2024 Newsletter

View of a city with large buildings, dark sky, and lightning bolts off to the left.

Spring is in full swing, and we’re in what’s supposed to be a wet month. We’re also entering mosquito season. After rain or watering, check your property for standing water and take measures to get rid of it, whether filling in low spots in the yard or emptying open containers. 

Give trash cans and recycling bins a good spritz. If rinsing doesn’t work, scrub them with a long brush. Then, leave them upside down to dry.

If you didn’t change smoke and carbon monoxide detector batteries with daylight savings, now is a good time to do it.

Clear out some clutter by getting rid of things you don’t need or love any longer. You might be able to make a few dollars if there are items you can sell at a consignment store or in a yard sale. But if that’s too much hassle, just donate them and you’ll be done.

Test your sprinkler system and make repairs early so your lawn isn’t suffering later.

Since you cleaned out your garage and deck last month, spruce up your front porch this month. Use a broom or hose to knock down cobwebs and rinse away dirt. Wash your windows and windowsills, as well as your storm door. Maybe add a few fresh plants or a new doormat. Inspect your screens as you go for small holes that pesky mosquitoes can find.

April Featured Projects

Among all the great projects we share each month, there are many smaller projects that make as big an impact on their homeowners. Some of these have been on our social media, but we wanted to share a few for you here.

Project One

First is a basement bathroom created where there once was none. We moved the washer and dryer down and put a bathroom in its place.

Blueprint titled "Create New Basement Bathroom"

White washer and dryer in an unfinished basement with cement floor and exposed beams and pipes in ceiling.New basement bathroom with light wood floors, gray-blue wall, white vanity with stone countertop, blue patterned tile on shower wall, and recessed lighting.

Project Two

This project was updating a fireplace and stair rail. 

"Before" image of brick fireplace and outdated woodgrain built-in shelving and cabinets on either side, in tan-carpeted living room."After image of white-pained brick fireplace and white built-in shelving and cabinets on either side, in living room with pale green accent wall above fireplace and new wood flooring.

"Before" image of outdated woodgrain stair railing at the top of a staircase."After" image of modern-style black stair railing at the top of a staircase.

Project Three

A walk-in tub installation: 

"Before" image of a regular bathtub/shower combo with tan shower curtain and light tan walls."After" image of updated walk-in shower for accessibility.

Project Four

This deck was re-surfaced: 

Before image of deck with staircase connecting to patio on back of two-story house.After image of updated deck connected via staircase to patio on back of two-story house. 

Project Five

For this project, the basement stair direction was reversed, creating more room in the pantry upstairs and an updated look. 

Outdated Before picture of carpeted basement area with wall and outdated railing along stairs.Image of carpeted basement area with white wall along stairs and closet open under stairs.

Before image of outdated dining area with tan carpet and kitchen to the right.Updated stair railing and white shiplap wall and black metal light fixture in stairwell.

Project Six

Here’s a glimpse of part of a deck we replaced: 

Old wood deck stairs.New wood deck stairs. 

Project Seven

This is a garage addition: 

Before image of one-car garage on small tan brick home.Two-car garage addition on small tan brick home.  

Project Eight

Here’s a little bathroom update: 

Before image of small outdated bathroom.After image of updated small bathroom. 

Project Nine

And another bathroom update: 

Before image of outdated bathroom with soaking tub and double vanity.After image of updated bathroom with standing shower and double vanity. 

Project Ten

For this project, we made cabinets to match the existing ones to make way for new appliances. 

Before image of kitchen with large stainless steel stove and range hood, and white tile backsplash.After image of kitchen with updated stove and range hood. 

Project Eleven

Last but not least is a balcony removal. 

Before image from ground of a second-story balcony with solid wall matching home's tan siding.After image of home without upper balcony, showing large white sliding window in its place. 


These are a few examples of some of our projects you might not get to see. We’re often asked if we do “small” jobs – absolutely. We’re a small company that has been doing small jobs since day one. We want to be your remodeler for life, whether you need work done inside or out, for projects small or large.

Kitchen & Bath Industry Show in Las Vegas

As promised, here are a few highlights from the February Kitchen & Bath Industry Show in Las Vegas.

Updated bathroom from industry show in Vegas, with black tile wall and pink toilet and sink.

 The colors of 1976 are back, with an updated look, as shown in this bathroom with Kohler peachblow fixtures, a terrazzo floor, and a black tile wall.

A cabinet display with Bridgewood lowers and glass and black metal uppers with the stone backsplash running up behind them. White cabinets.

Next is a cabinet display with Bridgewood lowers and glass and metal uppers with the stone backsplash running up behind them.

An industrial-look fireplace surrounded by dark gray industrial-looking panels.

An industrial-look fireplace surrounded by industrial-looking panels.

An outdoor kitchen display with an egg grill.

And an outdoor kitchen display complete with an egg grill.

The new Smeg Dolce & Gabbana kitchen appliances in white and blue.

A Bohemian/whimsical kitchen display with bright yellows, greens, pinks, etc. and wicker dining chairs.

Then we have the new Smeg Dolce & Gabbana kitchen appliances and a kitchen display for those who like a Bohemian or whimsical look.

Design Corner

Traditional-style living area in a large home with white vaulted ceiling.

This month’s featured design style is Traditional. It’s the oldest and most common, with traditional shapes and forms, conscious layering, a sense of formality, and incorporated pieces with structure and symmetry.

Fun Fact

First patent drawings of fire hydrants.

In 1836, a fire destroyed the U.S. Patent Office. It had been housed in Blodget’s Hotel building, along with the post office, since Congress authorized the building purchase in 1810.

Patent Office employees stored firewood in the basement, near where postal employees disposed of the hot ashes from their fires. In the early morning hours of Dec. 15, the hot ashes ignited the firewood.

All 9,957 patents and 7,000 related models were lost, including the first patent for the fire hydrant.

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