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What To Consider When Adding a Deck to Your Home

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If you’re thinking about adding a deck to your property, you’ll need to take certain things into careful consideration to ensure it satisfies both your design and functionality expectations.

In this blog post, the exterior remodelers at Willet Construction share some insights about what to consider for your deck addition before reaching out to a knowledgeable renovation specialist.

Do I Need To Hire a Contractor To Build My Deck?

While DIY deck additions might seem like a great way to save money, they can end up causing more of a headache for homeowners in the long run. Building your own deck can be expensive, as you’ll need to obtain the proper tools and equipment as well as the materials needed.

By trusting a contractor to build your deck, you can rest assured that they’ll already have all the necessary equipment. They’ll also ensure compliance with building codes and regulations to create a safe, thoughtfully designed, and functional result for the long term.

Consider Your Deck’s Purpose & Style

When deciding on your deck design, it’s important to consider its purpose and style. Spend ample time conceptualizing your design by evaluating the back of your home and how your deck’s overall aesthetic will match the architectural style of your property.

For instance, decks with clean lines and sharp angles may be best for modern homes, while traditional-style homes might pair well with decks that feature stark color contrasts and balustrade railings.

Choose the Best Location

View of a deck with multiple sitting areas and stone fireplace against the house. View of trees in background.

Another key aspect of your deck design is its location. There are several factors to consider when settling on an ideal location for your deck addition project, including:

  • Sunlight: Consider the sun’s intensity in certain locations of your property compared to others, as this may impact your overall enjoyment when entertaining guests and spending time outdoors.
  • Accessibility: Another key consideration for deck additions is ensuring it’s accessible from the house. Your deck should act as an extension of your interior living space, seamlessly marrying the indoors with the outdoors.
  • Vistas: One of the biggest benefits of a deck addition is the ability to take in your property’s natural beauty. Consider where the best views are and plan your deck addition accordingly.
  • Privacy: A deck should allow you to enjoy the great outdoors without worrying about prying eyes. Place your deck in an area that maximizes privacy without impeding your view of the yard.

Choose the Right Deck Materials

TimberTech deck with seating benchPerhaps the most important aspect of your deck addition is the quality of your chosen materials. The right deck materials can help enhance your deck’s longevity and overall aesthetic appeal.

Consult with your exterior remodeler to explore the options available to you and make the most informed decision for your deck addition.

TimberTech Pro Collection

One of the premier decking materials available to homeowners is the TimberTech Pro Collection line of wood-look decking. Here’s why:

  • Durability: TimberTech decking endures for years, offering superior resistance to fading, staining, splintering, peeling, cracking, and rotting.
  • Maintenance: Its incredible durability means you won’t need to worry about expensive maintenance routines or extensive upkeep.
  • Style: Available in over 20 finish options across nine collections, TimberTech offers solutions that can satisfy virtually any stylistic preference.

Include Deck Lighting

As you work to create the ideal deck for your home, it’s important to consider deck lighting options for your exterior space.

Adequate deck lighting can help make your outdoor area safer and more accessible during evening hours, allowing you to keep guests entertained well into the night. This will help improve safety and security, and the glow from your deck at night will bring enhanced aesthetic appeal to your property.

Choose Willet Construction for Deck Remodeling in Lincoln, NE

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