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September 2023: Autumn Planning

Red and purple flowers close-up

September is upon us. This means fall sports, changing leaves, school activities, and cooler temperatures. To prepare for the cooler temps, now might be a good time to go through your fall wardrobe. Pull out anything you won’t wear and make a list of what you might need.

Go through your summer clothes while you’re at it. Get rid of anything you didn’t wear or is beyond use. Donate items that are still in good shape for someone else to appreciate.

While we prepare for cooler nights, order firewood now so you have it when you’re ready. Also, have the chimney cleaned to make sure the fire stays in the fireplace and the smoke goes where it’s supposed to.

Schedule furnace maintenance now so you beat the rush and the transition from AC to heat is smooth. Do you change your ceiling fan direction in the winter? By reversing the direction the blades turn, you can help circulate heat in winter. All the more reason to keep them dusted, as well.

Keep the leaves off the lawn. While your lawn will suffer under the weight of wet leaves, your flower beds and garden will appreciate the extra cover. Drain your hoses and sprinkler systems once the last watering is done so they don’t freeze and crack.

2023 Top 500 Remodeler Recognition

Qualified Remodeler Top 500 2023 logoWillet Construction was named in the Top 500 by Qualified Remodeler for 2023 in Lincoln, NE, on Aug. 8, 2023. Qualified Remodeler is a leading publication serving remodelers and home improvement companies in the U.S. and has ranked Willet Construction as the No. 452 on its 45th annual Top 500 remodelers of 2023.

Since 1978, the QR Top 500 has tracked the industry’s largest and fastest-growing companies. In 2023, the Top 500 represented over $20 billion in remodeling sales volume and nearly two million jobs.

Willet Construction was chosen as a 2023 Top 500 remodeler by the Qualified Remodeler editorial staff for meeting a set of criteria, including:

  • Installed remodeling dollar volume
  • Total years in business
  • Industry association membership
  • Industry certification
  • Industry awards
  • Community service

Our mission is to deliver top-quality service and craftsmanship for an exceptional experience that results in customers for life.” — Willet Construction

“Based on Qualified Remodeler’s analysis, the Top 500 firms tend to share several common attributes, including strong revenues, a commitment to customer service, insightful sales techniques, and strong customer loyalty,” says Qualified Remodeler Owner and Editorial Director Patrick O’Toole. “These attributes helped put the firms on this list and contribute to their success.”

More information on the Top 500 can be found in the July/August issue of Qualified Remodeler.

Golf Fundraiser for the Lincoln Home Builders Foundation

Four men standing on a golf courseOnce again, Willet Construction represented at the Remodelers Council Golf Tournament in August, held at Holmes Golf Course. Money was raised for the Lincoln Home Builders Care Foundation. This foundation is dedicated to the future of the home-building industry in Lancaster County.

The mission is to support the educational and charitable activities of the Home Builders Association of Lincoln, focused on housing, scholarships for students pursuing careers in the building industry, and other industry-related educational programs.

Featured Project: 10-Fir Hollow Multi Project

Our previous clients sought after a new remodel before a big move. They had soffits removed in the kitchen and underwent a complete makeover, including plumbing and electrical work, new cabinetry, and flooring. Their primary closet/laundry area was reworked to accommodate a washer and dryer, with custom cabinetry, painting, and flooring.

They also updated their family room fireplace with child-friendly features, including bookmatched Cambria quartz and deeper cabinetry, while painting the room in dark blue and neutral tones.

Remodeled fireplace next to bookshelf in living room with light gray carpet and bright blue accent wall.

Explore our portfolio for additional inspiration for your home remodeling project.

Design Corner

Want a quick and easy kitchen update? Switching out your cabinet hardware can make an impact. We have a wide range of choices to see in the Design Center if you need some inspiration.

Willet Construction's design center with various hardware available

Fun Fact

If you were to guess which world record someone from Nebraska might hold, would you think, hmmm, tallest mohawk? Well, you’d be right! In 2008, Eric Hahn sprayed his 27 inches of hair into a mohawk to achieve the world record. This is after seven years without a haircut.

Eric Hahn world record holder for tallest mohawk, smiling next to woman who is laughing and smiling.

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