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Plato Collection

Speaking of cabinets…have you seen The Collection from Plato Woodwork? If you want something new and different, or maybe with a European influence, here are some great options.

This is a contemporary line of highest quality in frameless construction. Plato has been in the cabinet business for 125 years, so they know what they’re doing. They also keep innovating to keep things fresh. Hardware is concealed, which allows the surfaces to draw your attention.

Imagine one of these finishes spanning the entire front of your cabinet run. Or you can use it on an island or other accent piece. These would really make a statement.


Crinkle has a geometric surface, similar to crinkled paper. It comes in a woodgrain finish, or a painted finish.


The Crete line has a surface that resembles concrete, for those who like the industrial vibe.


The hide line looks and feels like – you guessed it – hide. Your cabinet would look and feel like a leather box.


Shine gives your room some added sparkle. The finish reflects light without a mirror look.


Talc line feels as soft as you might imagine. It has a matte finish that’s both smooth and soft.


Here is Ripple, which resembles ripples across water. Imagine that on a bathroom vanity, perhaps suspended above the floor.


Here’s Timber, for a more rustic feel, literally. This would look great on an island, or a bar. Perhaps in the man cave. It comes in these woodgrain finishes – but no splinters!


This is Surf, which has a larger wave across the surface. If you have a beach vibe going, or want to add some interest in your cabinet other than a flat surface.

To see these in person, or any of our other design elements, stop by the WCI Kitchen & Bath Design Center.

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