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October 2023: Winter Checklist

Lake with changing leaves around it and long bridge in the distance.

Here we are, halfway through pumpkin spice season. Leaves have been falling, and there’s a chill in the air. If you haven’t gotten your winter preparedness list checked off, time is running out. Soon, the holidays will be upon us, with all the activities they bring. Doing those chores now will help ease stress and free up time later in the year.

Keep an eye on the gutters to ensure leaves aren’t clogging them up. You want water flowing through them, not over them. Turn off the water supply to exterior faucets, bring in hoses, and shut off underground sprinklers.

Inspect siding, trim, soffits, and fascia boards for holes or gaps. You don’t want critters or cold air getting into your home. Also, look for gaps around doors and windows. Check your supply of sidewalk de-icer and treat stored gasoline with a fuel stabilizer.

Empty your lawnmower once you’re done using it for the year. Shop now for any snow removal tools or get spares to have on hand. Also, startup the snow blower to make sure it’s in good working condition.

The Sporting Clay Shoot

Man shooting a shotgun from a patio, into the woods in the distance.

Window Option Specialists sponsored a Sporting Clay Shoot in September, held at the Oak Creek Sporting Club. Our very own Rick, Jason, Eric, and Jonathan attended the event, where skills were tested by shooting at flying clay targets or clay pigeons.

Teams participated in a course of 25 shooting stations, with the Willet team coming in second in the teams, and Eric placed third in individual shooters.

The Roundtable Meeting

In September, Jeremy attended a roundtable/summit meeting in Chicago with his Remodelers Advantage Production Manager group. They discussed ways to improve performance and provided feedback for him and other production managers from around the country. This was an intensive few days full of education and ideas.

RA Summit in Chicago

Jason also attended the RA Summit in Chicago for remodelers nationwide. He learned what other remodeling companies are experiencing, ways to improve business, and how to best prepare for the future. Remodelers Advantage has been an invaluable tool for Willet Construction, and we always learn a lot.

Man speaking on stage at RA conference, in front of audience seated at round tables, with two large projector screens behind him on stage.

Featured Project: Leisure Lakes

We completed a substantial two-story addition for these homeowners. The project involved dismantling the deck, patio, and roof cover to create new footings and a foundation, with new walls and roof for an expanded deck.

Upstairs, a double-sided fireplace, an expanded living area, and an upgraded kitchen were added, along with new windows and patio doors. The exterior featured a painted car siding ceiling, a new Timbertech deck, and a stone fireplace.

The result is an enhanced indoor and outdoor entertainment space for the homeowners.

Exterior picture of large home with green grass in the yard, and covered two-story deck.

Design Corner

New tile hues have arrived. We’re seeing more earthy tile options from our suppliers, which lean into the current trends. Stop by the Design Center to see what’s new!

Various colored tiles lined up side by side. White, red, yellow, gray, dark blue, and a brighter white.

October’s Fun Fact

Black-and-white photo of Mike the headless chicken

Because October is the time for weird things, we’ll share the story of Miracle Mike. In Fruita, CO, back in 1945, Farmer Olsen did a poor job of getting a chicken for dinner. When he cut off the chicken’s head, he missed the jugular vein, one ear, and most of the brain stem.

The chicken, named Mike, lived for 18 months after that, touring sideshows and being photographed for dozens of magazines. His owners earned $4,500 a month at the peak (peck?) of his fame, equivalent to about $75,000 today.

Mike is still celebrated today in Fruita with various activities, including the “5K Run Like a Headless Chicken Race.”

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