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March 2024: Kitchen & Bath Industry Show

Close-up of a white lily on black background.

Since we have more warm weather than cold, it’s time to take the opportunity to start on your exterior preparations for summer. Important tasks to take care of include:

  • Clean the AC condenser, removing dust and debris that may have accumulated. You can use your hose to spray it down but don’t use a pressure washer. You don’t want to bend the fins.
  • Pick up branches and stones from the yard, or run your mower over the yard to pick up dead leaves and twigs. Make sure your downspouts are clear of leaves, also.
  • Now is the time to prune your roses – after the final frost and before the plant breaks dormancy.
  • Get rid of dirt and grime on your siding that could cause mildew.
  • Clean off your deck and check for loose boards or fasteners.
  • Inspect the caulking around your home and repair any that may have cracked over the winter. Check around doors and windows, as well as corner trim.
  • Check the concrete around your home, and fill cracks with a sealant made for the job.
  • Check your roof for loose or missing shingles, aging flashing, or cracked boots around vent pipes.
  • Clean out the garage, and get all the winter debris off the floor. Move summer tools to the front and winter tools to the back. While you’re doing that, inspect your tools to make sure they’re in good condition. This can save you time and money once you need them.

Kitchen & Bath Industry Show

At the end of February, the 60th year of the Kitchen & Bath Industry Show (KBIS) was held in Las Vegas. This is the largest kitchen and bath expo in North America, hosted by the National Kitchen & Bath Association.

Jason and Jonathan were there to see what was new and gather information that might be beneficial to Willet Construction and its clients. See next month’s newsletter for some highlights.

Jason and Jonathan of Willet Construction, standing together at KBIS expo.

In Willet Construction News

Welcome to the new kid on the block, Jake Swerczek! Jake has joined the Willet team as an Apprentice Carpenter, learning from some of the finest craftspeople in the city. We know he’ll treat our customers well.

Jake Swerczek, new Willet apprentice carpenter.

Featured Project: Ultimate Garage Addition

Large garage with three vehicles and a small covered boat. Retro Coca-Cola decor on both walls.

When you have toys and hobbies, you need space where you can keep them. This garage addition satisfies that need while being a space worth envying. We even added a walkout lower level on the back for yard tools.

The interior needed to have high enough clearance for car lifts, and finished so memorabilia could be displayed. The floor was also finished with epoxy in a custom color to complete the look. Now the original garage can flow into the new one for optimal usage of space.

Have you ever wanted more storage or living space for your hobbies? Consider letting Willet Construction put our two decades of experience to work for you. 

Design Corner

This month, we focus on Boho, or Bohemian, design style. This is a combination of natural and organic elements mixed with bright and saturated colors.

This style can be playful and very layered. For an updated Boho look, trade in aimless embellishments for craftsmanship and patterns for your own personal journey.

A living room with Boho-style decor, including bright red shag rug and lots of plants, in a room with large floor-to-ceiling windows.

Fun Fact

Old advertisement, black and white, with image of old-fashioned buggies and logo for "Saunders Do It Yourself System. Wherever You Go!"Have you ever wondered how the rental car business got started? In Nebraska in the early 1900s, not many people had extra cars to lend out.

Recognizing the opportunity, Joe Saunders of Omaha started one of the earliest car rental companies in the U.S. named the “Saunders Drive-It-Yourself System” in 1915. By 1926, the business had over 56 branches. The company operated until it was bought by Avis in 1955.


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