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KBIS / IBS Trade Show 2019


We at Willet Construction are continuously looking to educate ourselves in the latest products and trends in our industry, so we can introduce these options to our clients. What better way to submerge ourselves in all the industry has to offer then to attend the 2019 Kitchen and Bath (KBIS) and International Builder’s Show (IBS) in Las Vegas, NV. KBIS / IBS is a 3 day event where manufacturers and vendors showcase their latest in product design and function, as well as, the advancement of building materials.

One over-arching trend is the ability to completely personalize your space with the many customizable products now available. This is very exciting from a designer’s perspective, as we can now design for the homeowner’s specific needs and personal style. The painted white, shaker door, marble-look countertop, with stainless steel appliances doesn’t necessarily fit everybody’s style and that is perfectly okay! Mixing cabinet finishes, fixture/hardware finishes, countertop materials/colors are all open for discussion… and encouraged! It’s all about injecting your personality into your space.


Finish surfaces such as countertop materials and tile are offering interesting textures and profiles such as matte-velvet in countertops and 3-D profiles in tile. Plumbing fixture companies have also added an array of finish options, enhancing design flexibility for that perfect statement faucet.

Also, advancement in appliance technology has completely changed the way homeowner’s can use their kitchens. With our busy schedules, multi-tasking is king at home. You can now say, “Alexa, preheat the oven to 425 degrees” as you are quickly folding the laundry and going over spelling words with the kids. Or how about a refrigerator that offers a built-in Keurig K-Cup with instant hot water? Or a kitchen faucet that precisely measures water for you! Yes, please.

In fact, integration into the “smart” world is everywhere in home products. You can ask Alexa or Google to turn on your shower to the exact temperature you desire, close your window blinds, and access preset personalized features on your toilet such as warm the seat and turn on the ambient lighting. Manufacturers keep raising the bar with these technology advances; it’s a challenge just to keep up with all that is available.

We also saw many products available that are designed with long-term / aging in place in mind. Zero-entry shower pans, unique solid surface shower panels which are very simple to keep clean, and sensor activated technology in faucets and cabinetry. These ease of use features will assist homeowner’s in all stages of life.

Those are just a few of the many interesting products and ideas we experienced. Should you find yourself yearning for more, visit us in the showroom. We are happy to listen to your needs and offer ideas of how we can best meet them.





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