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June 2023: Enjoy the Outdoors

Close-up of bloomed pink flowers

This year is almost half over already! In an effort to make this year more intentional, include on your to-do list things you want to accomplish or places you’d like to see.

Make the most of your summer. Make a space to be creative, whether for you or the kids. Having a dedicated space can provide a screen-free creative outlet for everyone. Spending time outdoors is always an option on a nice summer day.

To keep outdoor time pleasant, make sure there are no areas where standing water can linger to keep the mosquito population at a minimum. Check the screens on doors and windows to make sure they’re in good condition. Even a tiny hole can be big enough for a mosquito.

If you haven’t done it yet, check the outdoor play equipment for safety. Make any repairs or replacements before the kiddos climb on them.

To help eliminate clutter, keep a basket by the door for sunblock and other essentials to be grabbed on the way out. If you haven’t yet, get paperwork and old mail sorted and taken care of now, so they aren’t taking up space.

Clutter is anything left unfinished, unused, or unresolved. Clearing clutter creates space in your home and your head.

We’re Hiring!

Willet Construction help wanted sign. Willet logo. "Inquire Within"

We want to expand our team to better serve our clients and shorten lead times. We’re looking for experienced carpenters or those who want to improve their skills and continue to learn. If you know someone who might be interested, send them our way! 

Featured Project: Piedmont

Remodeled kitchen and living space with ceiling wood beams, light wood floors, and large kitchen island. Recessed lighting and pale gray walls.

The Piedmont remodel focused on opening the kitchen to transform it into a welcoming entertainment space and culinary dream. To view additional projects, check out our portfolio.

Design Corner

If you have hair styling appliances but don’t love them cluttering your countertop, this one is for you. There are now powered drawer options that provide a safe place to store your tools and then shut the drawer and make them disappear. They also have an automatic shut-off switch that will keep your home safe.

Open custom drawer for bathroom appliances with them neatly put away.

June’s Fun Fact

If you think your mail delivery is slow, be thankful you don’t have to rely on cats. According to the BBC, in the 1870s, Liege, Belgium, attempted to use cats as mail carriers. Apparently, one cat made it to its destination in under five hours; the other 36 took up to a day to complete their journeys. Needless to say, the service didn’t last long.

Small gray tabby kitten on top of a silver mail organizer labeled "incoming mail"


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