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August 2023: Winter Weather Preparations

Close-up of orange flowers with a butterfly sitting on some of them.

It seems like it’s been summer for quite some time. We’ve got a taste of cooler temperatures and cloudy days; fall and winter are just around the corner. Before you get wrapped up in school activities and football Saturdays, now is a good time to start your winter weather prep.

Sealing cracks in your driveway and doing caulking maintenance around your home is a good place to start. Giving your concrete and stone surfaces some TLC now will keep them fresh and safe. Look at nearby trees and shrubs. Pruning dead limbs and branches now will keep them from creating havoc under the weight of ice and snow that might be on the horizon.

Late summer is when flying pests tend to show up more. Keep an eye out for areas around your home where water might pool. August is also a good time to inspect your roof for loose shingles and damaged roof flashing.

As you prepare for the switch from AC to heat, make sure your filters are changed. If you have a wet filter, you might have a clogged drain line. Algae can accumulate in the pipe and clog. Clean other hidden areas around your home, like bathroom vent fans, range hood filters, and refrigerator coils.

The Annual Bennet Fourth of July Parade

An event we look forward to every year is the annual Bennet Fourth of July Parade. We had lots of helpers to distribute goodies this year. There’s always an enthusiastic crowd waiting to get in on the fun.

Another major event in July — we bought land! We’re so excited to start this new chapter in the Willet book. Stay tuned, and you can watch the story unfold.

Featured Project: Forbes Siding & Windows

Returning to Willet Construction after entrusting us with multiple prior projects, these homeowners sought a comprehensive update for their house. The vision was to transition from arched windows and doors to a contemporary appearance featuring black windows and doors.

Front view of a home with brick and off-white siding, and modern black-framed windows and front door with sidelites.

Design Corner

Modern farmhouse has been a trending design style for the past several years. While it continues to be popular, it’s also evolving each year, inside and out. Our featured project is an example of the modern farmhouse style with white siding and black windows.

White siding has been the cornerstone of Farmhouse looks, starting from when wood siding was whitewashed to help it last longer. Now we can employ James Hardie fiber-cement siding with a baked-on finish to last years.

Side view of house with clean landscaping and vertical white siding and black windows.

Fun Fact

While bugs aren’t a common cuisine in America, many countries include them in their diet. The University of Nebraska-Lincoln has compiled a list of insects and what they taste like. For instance, raw termites taste like pineapple, and if you cook them, they have a “delicate, vegetable flavor.”

Close-up of termites

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