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APR2021: April Is Among Us


Signs of life are sprouting all around, and the colors of spring are beginning. We are looking forward to spending more time outside and with other people. Springtime brings hope and enthusiasm and the fresh spring breeze through open windows. In April, we have the opportunity to celebrate Earth Day and Arbor Day.

As the weather warms and rains fall, we are entering mosquito season. Be on the lookout for areas where water might puddle and create breeding grounds for those pesky buggers.

If you’ve perked up your entry, now you can turn your attention to the front porch. Get rid of any Fall debris that might still be lingering and bring some color to greet guests. Wash away the dull and perk up your curb appeal.

Now is a good time to clean out planting beds and prep your garden. Prune your trees and bushes to get ready for new growth and eliminate the potential for damage to your house by broken limbs.

On those rainy days when you can’t be outside, start on your spring cleaning.


Next month we will be hosting our Remodeler’s Advantage Roundtable. This was previously scheduled for the spring of 2020, but we won’t go into that. Remodeler’s Advantage is an organization comprised of remodeling companies from across the nation, a peer group that provides support, feedback, and education to improve our business. We get together twice a year to review the progress of the previous months and provide/receive constructive criticism with the goal of improving our business practices. We look forward to having our team meet everyone in our valued group.


Did you miss our Blog about our Production Manager, Nicholas? If you’ve had a project completed by us, you’ve probably met him. You can read about all that he does in his role with Willet Construction HERE.




The newest member of the Willet team is Makiah Slade. Makiah fills a new position as Project Developer. Makiah will be focusing on exterior projects, bringing his knowledge of deck and siding materials. Makiah and his wife Jaci have a new son, Layken, born in December.



When the question came up about what kind of bathtub to use in a bathroom remodel, Jenny had this advice, “How easy will it be to clean around?” Stand-alone tubs look beautiful, but how easy will they be to clean around once installed? Will it cause frustration down the road? Make sure you have enough space for the tub AND cleaning it!


Did you know pink is not a color in the rainbow? Pink is made from red and violet and since they are on opposite sides of the rainbow, never meet and pink isn’t seen.


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