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December 2023: Time of Reflection

Grey image of leaves frozen in the winter

The calendar year is winding down, but schedules are pretty busy this time of year. Instead of focusing on what needs to be done, take some time just to sit and reflect. If you could travel back to the beginning of the year, what advice would you give yourself? Maybe you could have stressed less and spent more quality time with people you care about. When you look backward, you remember the most meaningful or impactful moments. Prepare for the year ahead by:

  • Always being kind
  • Always keep going
  • Knowing it will get better

Some things you can do to prepare for winter and all that it brings are:

  • Prep for power outages: Have fresh batteries for flashlights and keep them where you can find them in the dark.
  • Have some ice melt or salt handy for when it’s icy: Clean off your pet’s paws if they walk through it.
  • Be sure all your outdoor lights are working: Change bulbs while it’s still nice enough to do so.
  • Ensure you have enough water: Stock up on drinking water in case of frozen pipes.
  • Stock up on canned goods: Make sure you have canned and dried foods on hand in the event of an emergency.

Quarterly Izar Roundtable Meeting

Last month, Rick and Jason attended their quarterly Izar Roundtable meeting with Remodeler’s Advantage. Meetings were held in Landsdale, PA, and were full of great information. This is a peer-to-peer advisory program just for remodelers. See the fun fact below for information shared by the host company, Meridian Construction.

Featured Project: Wedgewood Wonder

This home, standing for over 60 years, underwent a significant transformation. The outdated kitchen, no longer functional, was revamped to achieve a modern midcentury design. The owner’s vision involved opening up the entertainment space and updating the electrical system.

The renovation process involved removing flooring, expanding doorways, and dismantling the fireplace for an electric unit. Framing, utility rough-ins, insulation, and drywall followed. New energy-efficient doors, cabinets, fireplace tile, countertops, backsplash tile, flooring, and paint were installed, resulting in a home with a warm and inviting atmosphere — perfect for entertaining or enjoying a cozy fire. Custom features, like floating shelves, drawer organization, pull-out shelves, and a specially crafted hutch, added unique touches to enhance functionality and aesthetics.

Wedgewood Wonder completed kitchen renovation

Explore our portfolio for more design inspiration.

Design Corner

When designing a space with wellness in mind, sound, light, and ergonomics must be considered. Color significantly influences well-being and can affect the human brain. Color not only affects your mood but also your energy level, sleep pattern, and blood pressure. Warm colors, such as yellow, orange, pink, and red can motivate and energize us. However, if they’re too intense, they can also be irritating. Cool colors, such as green, blue, and violet, can have a calming effect.

Psychology of color infographic

December’s Fun Fact

You’re probably aware that Hershey’s chocolate company is in Pennsylvania, but did you know that 80% of pretzels are made there? The average Philadelphian eats more than 10 times the number of pretzels as the average American. The pretzel’s popularity is often attributed to the large number of German immigrants that brought them to their new home.  

Various sizes of pretzels

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