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August 2022: Winter Prep

Orange Flower

Are you done with the hot weather yet? Perhaps doing some winter preparedness will help cool you off. Consider servicing your snow blower now, so you’ll be up and running when we do get snow. Check your brick or foundation for cracks that need to be filled now. Cracks can create an entry point for groundwater, insects, and radon gas.

Sweep and wash down your porch or deck. If you have a wood deck and the water doesn’t pool on the surface when you wash it, you might need to reseal it. Something you can do inside, and stay out of the heat, is dust your ceiling fan blades. Check out your bathrooms – clean or replace fixtures as necessary; also clean your bathroom vent fans.

Featured Project: Fox Hollow Multi-Room Remodel

remodeled kitchen

Design Corner 

Universal design isn’t just for those who are over 65. What’s Universal Design? It’s designing a space for any level of physical capability. If you have experienced an injury that has left you at least temporarily disabled for a time, you know where we’re coming from. Changing cabinetry to include more drawers than doors can help make kitchen storage easier to access. Utilize bath accessories that double as grab bars; they don’t have to look institutional. There are even toilet tissue holders that will function as grab bars.

Island kitchen cabinets       Accessible bathroom

Fun Fact 

Cup of tea in a white floral cupSince 1945, British tanks have been outfitted with the capability to heat water so the crew can make tea without getting out. This came about after almost 30 armored British vehicles were ambushed and destroyed in 15 minutes by a German tank while the crew had an impromptu tea break on the road to Caen in 1944. Would you like one lump or two?

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