Trim Transformation

When this home was built (about 10 years ago) the trim was not a priority. The room had great 10-foot ceilings, but it didn’t make a grand statement. Same for the fireplace, a simple builder-grade tile surround was not a wow factor in the room. Then the owners called us.

Our designer, Jenny Huls, came up with a plan, and it started with the fireplace. The tile and mantle came down, and new crown would envelope the room, along with the rest of the main floor.

Jeremy got to work custom-building the fireplace mantle, which would go to the ceiling. There it would meet the crown and start to really say something.

Wrapping the crown around a main floor can have some interesting intersections, but when you have skilled and experienced craftsmen at work, it turns out beautifully.

Along with the crown, new trim was applied to doors and windows. Now the main floor is grand and cohesive.

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