Period Siding Replacement

This is not your average home, or your average siding project. For starters, the original house is nearly 120-years old and has a definite Victorian style. The trim work is very detailed and consists of several components. And the house didn’t require a complete re-siding, but what was replaced needed to be seamless. By looking at the before and after, you would never know we were there, but the homeowners have peace of mind knowing the work will last for years to come.

Our focus was replacing the siding and replacing the exterior trim around 19 windows on the foursquare house. James Hardie siding was matched to the existing home with a narrower lap exposure than what you typically see today. James Hardie trim was used on the windows and corner boards. Then the decorative crown molding above the windows was custom-made to match the décor as the finishing touch.

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