Mid-Century Meets Modern Day

The owner of this 60+ year old home thought it was time to introduce her kitchen to the 21st century. The kitchen was gutted to the subfloor, removing some sections of the walls for wiring and plumbing, and replacing popcorn ceiling with a swirl texture.

After the drywall, next came the cabinetry. To retain some of the character of her mid-century home, we went with wood base cabinets that matched her windows and trim. The uppers were changed to white. Some reconfiguring was done on the stove wall to give her some elbow room while cooking.

Her flooring was updated with a beautiful and Luxury vinyl sheet in a pattern that is both reminiscent of the age of the house and yet new and fresh. The backsplash was tiled in a square tile that is also reminiscent of the age of the home, but has a hand-made, iridescent quality that brings life to the kitchen.

Besides elbow room, the homeowner received some handy storage features, including a lazy Susan. Here are videos of the homeowner and Jenny talking about the project:

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