Hallmark Addition

Increased and improved living space, along with backyard privacy, were the goals for these homeowners. We combined a kitchen addition with a backyard remodel for one beautiful outcome.

The back yard is oddly shaped, with the house fairly close to the neighbors. They wanted an addition near the middle of the house, off the kitchen. They also wanted a roof cover over a new patio area for outdoor living space, and increased privacy along the fence line.

The end result is an oasis. They now have a true outdoor living room, complete with fan, TV, and drapes for added sunshade and privacy. The window to the master bedroom was replaced with a door, for added access to the back yard. Even the resident pooch received a new door and stairs.

The siding on the addition matches that on the house for a seamless transition.

The kitchen was closed off from the living room, with minimal dining space and cramped access to the laundry.
Building the addition would house a new 10×12 dining room with skylights, buffet area and patio door to the back yard.

Hardwoods in the kitchen area were refinished to match the flooring for the addition.

The wall between the kitchen and living room was opened up to better tie the two rooms together. The island, in a different finish than the perimeter cabinets, becomes more of a focal point. It also improves function by housing the cooktop.

Cabinetry is done in varying heights for added interest. The backsplash is the same color as the new island.
New quartz countertop is spread throughout all surfaces.

French doors rather than bifold doors made getting to the laundry space easier. Open shelving rather than cabinets improved function. New flooring now runs under the washer and dryer making access to the drawers easier.

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