Eliminating The Elephant

The large corner tubs that were all the rage back in the ‘90s have been slowly disappearing. What was once seen as the image of luxury are now being removed to regain some square footage in the bathroom. Some people opt for a unit that takes up less room, and some are taking them out altogether. For this remodel, rather than requiring a complete bathroom remodel, we came up with a plan to address the elephant in the room – the tub.

The bathtub was the main item removed from the room. We were able to match the existing flooring to cover where the tub had been. We were also able to have cabinetry custom-made to match the existing, rather than having to replace the entire run. The countertop was updated with a beautiful granite, and the mirrors replaced to match the span of the cabinetry. We also expanded the soffit over the cabinet to house new recessed lighting.

The bathroom is functional and beautiful, and can be completely utilized. No more elephant.

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