Cripple Creek Deck Rebuild

This project started with a desire for a deck that better suited the lifestyle of the homeowners. They wanted better entertaining space, and better sight lines. While it was a good-sized deck, the space didn’t function well, and the stairway blocked off the patio below.

Before (left) & After (right)

We started by supporting the roof overhang so we could then remove the old deck and the existing cracked patio. 

We poured a new patio and installed new footings to support the deck above. We also added concrete to accommodate the new landing for the stairs. The deck was redesigned to replace the area previously used for the stairs to add floor space, and to move the stairs to come off an unused corner of the deck. This opened up the view of the yard from below while making the deck more functional and livable.

There is now room for a table and chairs under the roof, so the deck can be enjoyed even when the weather isn’t perfect. Deck is TimberTech Antique Palm with Westbury Railing in Bronze Fine Texture.

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