Birch Hollow Whole House

Due to allergies, these homeowners opted to replace their carpet with hardwoods throughout the house. They also wanted a few changes to their kitchen, without doing a whole remodel. They wanted to add a second oven, which required some cabinet modifications and construction, and also to update the backsplash and countertop. Lastly their porch railing needed to be replaced and a handrail added.

In the kitchen, the second oven had to go next to the fridge so during holidays not everyone was crowded around the single range. So, the bottom set of cabinets was removed, the fridge enclosed inside cabinetry, and the uppers evened out. The desk cubby was retained and the rest of the cabinetry made to match the rest of the kitchen.

New backsplash and countertop were added, along with a new ceiling fixture, and lighting under and above the upper cabinets.

The new wood flooring and lighting also work together to give the kitchen a cohesive look.

Upper cabinets above the island were removed which opened up the room. It was important that we keep the cabinet hardware and not damage wallpaper to maintain the look the homeowners loved.

Changing all the flooring to hardwoods helps promote the openness of the space and tie the rooms together.

Only the flooring in the laundry and upstairs bathrooms received a different treatment, going to luxury vinyl planks.

Even the stairs went to hardwood.

The floors look like they’ve always been here, and flow seamlessly from room to room.

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