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September 2022: Shorter Days

Corn field with blue skies.

It’s September, fall days have been getting shorter, and temperatures will start dropping. It’s time to consider what should be done before winter arrives. Schedule HVAC maintenance and a chimney cleaning. Get out your hose, wash your siding, and wash your garbage cans.

While you’re washing the siding, check for cracks or warped areas. Make any repairs to your siding now — make sure it’s dry first.

Before temperatures start to dip, check for faucets that drip. Fixing them now will save you from having to repair broken pipes in the winter. Now is also a good time to winterize lawn equipment, replace filters, and change the oil.

Cleaning dirt and old oil off equipment will help it start back up when you need it next spring. Before storing your mower, fill the gas tank with premium gas without ethanol but with a preservative.

Remodelers Council Golf Tournament

Willet Construction golf crew: Four people standing next to each other outdoors, wearing golfing clothes.

The Remodelers Council of Lincoln holds its Scholarship Golf Tournament every August. Proceeds from the event go to the Lincoln Home Builders Care Foundation, where scholarships are awarded to area students earning construction-related degrees.

This year, Willet Construction was represented by Rick Willet, Jenny Samek, Jenny Huls, and Jeremy Carpenter.

Featured Project 

View our featured project in our project portfolio!

Remodeled kitchen with black countertops, black backsplash, white cabinets, large island, and recessed lighting.

Design Corner

Bathroom with gold light fixturesIs gold the new…gold? It wasn’t that long ago that gold was being eliminated from bathrooms and kitchens across the country. But now it’s back, with a little face-lift, in plumbing fixtures and cabinet hardware.

The new palette includes champagne gold, brushed bronze, honey bronze, and Tuscan bronze. The newer look is a bit softer in brushed finishes.


Welcome Maison

The newest member of the Willet team is Maison Burnley, hired as a carpenter. He comes highly recommended and is a great fit with the rest of the team.

Photo of Maison Burnley smiling, wearing gray Willet t-shirt and dark gray baseball cap.

Fun Fact

Close-up image of a brown cricket.

Crickets can tell you the temperature. According to the Library of Congress, the insects adjust their sounds according to the temperature. If you count how many times a cricket chirps in 15 seconds and then add 37, you’ll get a number that’s a pretty close approximation to the current temperature in degrees Fahrenheit.

There are even cricket chirp calculators on the internet where you can plug in the number of chirps you hear, and you’ll get the temperature in Fahrenheit, Celsius, and Kelvin.

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