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On Trend 2021

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Cabinetry isn’t just for the kitchen anymore. With open concept layouts being more popular, cabinetry is expanding into other areas of the home, such as living and dining rooms. Along with that expansion is the need for an overall design aesthetic that ties the entire space together.

The need for creative storage solutions doesn’t mean cabinetry should steal focus in the room.

A walk-in pantry is more important with the desire for more natural light. Windows are going in where wall cabinets once lived.

Mud rooms and entryways in need of more storage solutions are solved with cabinetry.

When an office shares room with a kitchen, the cabinetry needs to be cohesive.

Customized features include technology as well as organization. Touch-latch cabinets, power sources and docking stations integrated into cabinetry, and voice-activated features.

Close up on a dark wood closet drawer

Metal is trending right now as a design element in cabinetry, from the toe kick to the cabinet doors, to shelving.

Painted finishes continue to be a popular choice in cabinetry, and while white is the most-requested, colors and natural wood tones are also gaining in popularity. Blue, green and black are most popular, but you could see reds and yellows appear.

Back in ‘the day’ if you had color in the kitchen, say avocado, it was always the same tone. Today there can be variations in tone to choose from.

While gray is still very popular, taupe is starting to make ground. Earthy hues also include nature-inspired greens, blues, and pinks.

Sleek and clean are much in demand these days. Why not incorporate some sleek cabinetry in your design?

Upclose look at carpet samples

Using more metals in design is gaining steam, as is metallic-inspired cabinetry.

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