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NOV2020: Ready for the Holidays?

Here we are in November! The holidays are approaching and this year will soon be over. If you haven’t gotten all the leaves out of your yard yet, do it now. Dead leaves left on your lawn can kill it. Rather than raking, consider mulching them with the mower and letting them decompose and feed your lawn. Now is also a good time to change the batteries in your smoke detectors, and change your furnace filters. Check around the exterior of your home for cracks and holes. You will save heating dollars by getting these sealed now. You will also prevent critters from entering your home. Did you know mice can get in through a hole the size of a dime? Replace roof tiles, seal holes around plumbing pipes and cables and attic vents. Those are not the kinds of guests you want visiting for Thanksgiving. Tackle items that can lead to ice around your home by making sure spigots are off and sprinklers are drained.


It was time for an upgrade in this basement. One thing the homeowners wanted was a beautiful fireplace for watching TV
on a cold winter night. To complement the organic feel of the fireplace, we added live-edge features to the basement. Most noticeably the bar area with matching shelves behind. We also included live-edge shelving in the updated bathroom, along with a new floating vanity, flooring, and paint.

Another essential part of this remodel to the homeowners was a proper playroom for the grandkids. We took some space from the storage area of the basement, walled it off and added sliding barn doors for easy access. We even tucked in a “hidey-hole” under the stairs.

While we were changing the storage room, we moved the access door to the guest room from the middle of the room to the end for better flow. Even the landing at the base of the stairs got an update with a shiplap feature wall. New flooring and paint throughout, along with lighting and plumbing fixtures, made this basement a great, new living space.


Are you looking to remodel your home, but not sure what the latest trends are? We’ve got the leg work covered! Here are some design trends to be looking for in 2021, according to

  • Blue is the new black – darker blues will be used to create elegant and contemporary spaces.
  • Light woods – Scandinavian style is here, making light woods the trend for flooring, walls, and even ceilings.
  • Sustainable Design – design elements made from wasted plastic, whether in furniture or fashion.
  • Make a statement – minimalist spaces with a statement piece will be used to elevate a room, a luxury touch with handcrafted or purer materials will be what to look for.
  • Nature Made – bringing nature into the home and strengthening the human-nature connection.
  • The color of the year – grey, it provides an elegant backdrop for modern design.
  • Modern Rustic – blending old and new.
  • Face It – graphic art using lines and faces, all the buzz in the online world.
  • Industrial Age – for multi-purpose environments, includes metal and open spaces.
  • Neutrality – along with lighter woods, neutral color schemes for a welcoming environment


Are you struggling to develop a design plan for your next project? Whether it’s top to bottom help or you’re just looking for help choosing materials, we understand and are here to help! If you have design questions that are leaving you stumped, remember to ask “What Would Jenny Do?” If you would like some insight from our designers simply reply to this newsletter email with your question, or post your question on our FaceBook page with the hashtag #WWJD.


On November 5, 1935, Parker Brothers introduced the world to the Monopoly game.

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