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July 2022: Jubilations


We are in the heat of summer; have you serviced your AC system lately? Making sure your system is clean and running correctly will help ensure you are keeping your utility bills as low as possible and extend the life of your unit. Another way to keep cool air inside is to ensure your windows aren’t leaking. Recaulking seals on doors and windows can increase your home’s energy efficiency.

With all the rain we’ve had lately, have you noticed water running over your gutters? Clean them out or hire someone to do it so you keep water running through them and away from your house. This will help prevent getting water in your basement and will help protect your roof in the winter.

Each year the Bennet Community Builders Association sponsors a 4th of July Celebration, which includes a parade. Willet Construction was there again this year, along with some of our helpers.

Group in the back of a truckman standing next to truck

Featured Project: Hillside Deck Project

Exterior of brick house with large deck

Walk in pantry

Design Corner 

A walk-in pantry, or Butler’s pantry, is a growing wish list item. The need for expanded storage and more home cooking is a trend that started during the pandemic, and the trend continues. A new trend that stems from this is the pantry turned prep kitchen. Storage has diminished as people have eliminated walls to create combined kitchen and living spaces. With that is the pressure to display a pristine kitchen. Now we need a place to store the toaster, put the coffee bar, or add a prep sink to keep the mess to a minimum in the ‘main’ living kitchen; a place where the mess can live but also be accessible. Another type of pantry is the dining pantry, where china, silver, linens, and other items for elegant hosting are stored. 


Fun Fact 

Tornadoes used to be called “twirl blasts” and “twirl winds” in the 18th century.

tornado and lightning

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