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Estimator – a person who estimates the price, value, number, quantity, or extent of something. Our Estimator is Eric McMann.


If you research what makes a good estimator, you’ll see there are three stages in estimating a project. First information needs to be gathered – proposals from suppliers, blueprints or drawings of the project, information on specific products and materials being used, and other related documents. Next the estimator takes the information gathered and calculates the labor, material, and time requirements it will take to produce the work. Then that information is analyzed to determine what the costs will be to produce the work.

It might sound pretty straight-forward, but there is a lot of knowledge that goes into an estimate. Part of that knowledge is being aware of the building codes for Lincoln and the surrounding area. The building codes come from the International Residential Code, with local amendments made for our area. The illustration to the right shows you the basic definition for a kitchen. Just think of all the components that go into building your home, and having to know the requirements needed to pass code. And also staying on top of the codes to know what changes when. What passed code 30 years ago might not pass today. For instance, when is a window required to have tempered glass? Your builder or renovator should know.


Along with knowing the codes, an estimator should know how much time it takes to do a specific task. Like how long does it take to install a door, install a cabinet, or frame a wall? Is the door interior or exterior, is the cabinet an upper or lower, is the wall a fire wall? Many pieces go into an estimating puzzle and a good knowledge base is required to get an accurate number. And like a lot of professions, hands-on experience provides the best education. Eric’s experience, and his own innate sense of what is correct, or on the level, makes him an invaluable asset.

Together with all of the above, an estimator should be an easy person to talk to. He should be able to communicate clearly with clients as easily as those working on a project. Eric has the perfect demeanor for the job. He remains calm when questions arise, and has loads of experience to draw from when issues present themselves. In the rare event there is something he doesn’t know; he has a good working relationship with our city inspectors and permit department from which to pull.

When you work with Willet Construction, you have the benefit of years of experience in the construction industry, a good working relationship with the city, and open communication. You can rest assured your project will be done correctly. If you know anyone who has run into hurdles when trying to sell their home, or make renovations, and find out previous work was not done correctly, you know how important it is to have things done right the first time. We hear time and again how someone wishes Willet had done a previous project for them. Peace of mind is worth a lot, especially in this day and age. There are so many other things to worry about, your home is one in which you want to have trust.

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