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Dec 2021: Happy Holidays


Ho, Ho Holiday season is upon us! Are you ready? Now that your furnace is on and windows are closed, it’s a good time to do some deep dusting. This includes wiping down switches, dusting lamps, and baseboards, including behind and under furniture. It would be a good time to clean that range hood with the additional use it might get this season. To help eliminate stress, hire a cleaning service for a one-time cleaning so you have more time for other tasks. To prepare for power outages, or deep snow, stock up on drinking water and canned goods in case you are unable to get to the store for a few days. Make sure flashlights have good batteries and candles are in a convenient spot. Check surrounding trees now for weak limbs that may come down in heavy snow or wind. Getting trees trimmed now might eliminate roof repair later!

This has been an interesting year, full of opportunities to practice patience and find creative ways to overcome obstacles. Thank you to all who have been part of that process along with us. We have made it through and look forward to the prospects the New Year may bring. We wish you a safe, healthy, and happy holiday season!


Some tips to keep in mind for those cold winter months

  • Get de-icing salt and sand now to beat the rush.
  • Turn off the water main in your home if you’re leaving for vacation, remember to drain the lines by turning on a faucet. If your heat shuts down while you’re gone, your water lines won’t burst. Remember to turn it back on when you return.
  • Change your ceiling fan direction. The fan should be rotating in a clockwise direction during the summer, and counterclockwise in the winter. There should be a switch on your fan to do this.


A picture of a white note with thank you in black font

Looking back at the projects we’ve worked on over the past year besides, the beautiful transformations we’ve been a part of, we have had the pleasure of working with some very special people. One woman didn’t peek at her bathroom transformation during the project, wanting to be surprised with the big reveal. Another made a kind of nest in her living room while we worked on her kitchen, embracing the process. These, along with many others, are why we do what we do. Our homeowners are part of our team, and we work together to get the job accomplished. Our clients are our feature this month, and we are very thankful for the opportunity to work with every one of them!

TAKE IT FROM THE PROS… We’re offering pro tips from the industry to make your life easier.

If you have a water leak or think you do, take care of it right away! Water damage can lead to rot and mold, both expensive things to fix later.


During a recent Home Builders Association meeting, the group had the opportunity to tour a container home. It was interesting to see everything that was tucked into this home.



Jason received the trophy for the Men’s Slow Pitch Softball Championship, Class E, held earlier this year. The trophy was presented by the team manager, Josh. We’re looking forward to next season when they play in Class D!



Q: Do you still use the “triangle” when designing a kitchen?

A: “No. The traditional definition of a kitchen triangle is the shape made when walking from the sink to the fridge to the range. It was originally meant to cut construction costs by standardizing practices. These days, kitchens have become much more personal in layout and style and also bigger with more open floor plans, so zones are the focus. Where you want your prep zone compared to cooking, storage, or cleanup are the considerations. “



According to a recent Houzz report, dedicated activity spaces in home remodels have been more in demand recently. This would include spaces designed for art studios, theatres, gyms, offices, and home bars or wine cellars. These designs can include cabinetry with specialized storage, new flooring, lighting, and even windows. Our designers can help you design your perfect space!



The “separable fastener” patent was issued in 1917 to Gideon Sunback. In 1923, rubber manufacturing company B.F. Goodrich came out with a new pair of rubber boots that used the separable fastener. The galoshes were referred to as “Zippers,” and the name became an eponym of the fastener.

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