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SEP2020: Are You Ready For Fall?


We’re rolling into fall; trees are beginning to lose their leaves, temperatures are getting lower, and daylight is getting shorter. Now is a good time to aerate your lawn, reseed and/or fertilize. This will give your grass a good base to withstand what winter might bring, and help it green up faster in the spring. Perennials and shrubs might be on sale, so now would also be a good time to get those added to your yard. This will give them a chance to establish roots before the frost comes. While you’re outside, inspect the exterior of your home. Fixing problems on your roof or siding now can help you save money on larger repairs later, and also help keep you warm and dry. How are your fire extinguishers? Fires increase in the fall and winter, according to the Red Cross, so getting them checked by a professional will help keep you safe in an emergency. You should have one for each floor of your home, as well as the garage. Speaking of fire now would be a good time to get that fireplace checked out before roasting those chestnuts this winter, too!

Sunroom Addition


On our website, you can see before and after photos of projects we’ve completed. Check out this sunroom addition completed earlier this year.


HBAL Golf Tournament


At the end of August Jenny Huls, Jason Willet, Rick Willet and Jeremy Carpenter participated in the Home Builders Association of Lincoln’s (HBAL) Golf Tournament. This is an annual event that benefits the Lincoln Home Builders Care Foundation. The Foundation contributes time and money to a variety of projects and scholarships.

Did You Know
Instagrammable Is A Word?

In case you didn’t know, Instagram is an app where people share photos and videos of what they love. Hashtags are used to organize media such as #willetconstruction. Recently KBB (Kitchen & Bath Business, the official KBIS publication) had an article about the most ‘Instagrammable’ design trends, based on the number of posts in 2020 for various hashtags based on a report by Wren Kitchens. For instance, the #modernkitchen had the most posts, with #farmhouse and #countrykitchens coming in second and third, respectively. You can read more about popular trends by selecting the button below.


Thank You For Your Kind Words

Recently a couple came in to pay their final invoice and told us how great they feel about their remodel. She stressed how cramped her bathroom used to feel, and what a difference the remodel made in how she feels about the space. We like to find out what is causing you the most grief in your home, and then work to eliminate it. We want you to love your home, and your remodel experience!

Fun Fact

September is the month where the British lost 11 days. We use the Gregorian calendar, named after Pope Gregory XIII, who introduced it in 1582. This is where a leap year began. Up until 1753, the British used the Julian calendar, which was 365.25 days long. Over time the calendar fell out of line with the seasons. So, in 1752 Britain decided to adopt the Gregorian calendar, turning Sept. 3rd that year into Sept. 14th. As a result, there is no history in Britain during those 11 days in 1752.

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