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2017 Trends for Your Home Kitchen and Bath Remodel


The Kitchen and Bath Industry Show is an annual event that showcases the latest industry products, trends, and technologies. Rick, Marcia, and Deb attended KBIS 2017 so that your next remodeling project will be fresh and up to date with the latest the industry has to offer.


The kitchen is one of the most important rooms in the home. It’s a room that should be functional yet enjoyable to be in. Whether you are cooking with a friend, baking with grandchildren, or doing the dishes with your spouse, you will be making lasting memories in this room.

On the functional side of things, Deb noted that open shelving is becoming popular. Open shelving provides easier access to the items you need in your kitchen while giving a modern, open appearance.

LED lighting is also being used more. In addition to many homes switching to LEDs for fixture lighting, LEDs are being used to elegantly provide accent lighting to display cases and work areas within the kitchen.

Moving from lighting to surfaces, your countertop is likely the primary part of your kitchen you will use and interact with the most. Because of that, countertop materials matter.

Quartz and wood are very popular for countertops and remain timeless choices. However, mixtures and blends of materials are on the rise, such as wood with metal inlays or accents.

Many traditional materials are being used in new ways. For example, live edge countertops are trending into popularity. A “live edge” is the natural, unfinished edge of the material, such as wood, quartz, or stone.





The bathroom is a room of respite as you prepare for or relax from the busyness of life. What we saw at KBIS 2017 are ways to bring a more luxurious experience to this room of calm relaxation.

Technology for home automation is being integrated into many aspects of the bathroom. Apps are now available that control your shower, so it will be at a more perfect temperature as you step in. We also saw technology-enhanced fixtures that can coordinate with each other. Imagine the lights automatically dimming and changing hue to create a relaxing atmosphere for a bath.

Flexible LED panels are being used to light the mirror of your medicine cabinet and provide accent lighting for closets. These new panels can be adapted into unique shapes for placement in areas never before possible.

Toilets are also embracing technology. Automatic seats can raise as you approach and lower a few seconds after you step away. We saw a few toilet models that feature warm air blowers at the base to keep your feet warm.

Aside from technology enhancements we noted some popular trending colors for metal finishes. Nickel, yellow gold, and rose gold are all finishes you will want to consider.





The Kitchen and Bath Industry Show is an exhibit we always look forward to seeing. It allows us to see what new materials and technologies are available so we can design new and exciting rooms for your home. Be sure to follow us on Facebook and Houzz to see recent remodeling work we’ve done, and contact us to start your own project to breathe new life into your home.

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