APR2022: Our Featured Project: Breaking Down Barriers


Looking for those April showers this year? The ground has been so dry. To give your yard some moisture, test your sprinklers and irrigation systems to make sure they’re ready for the upcoming summer months. If water does have the opportunity to puddle around your home, this is where you could begin to see mosquitos hatching. You might want to take advantage of warmer weather by cleaning out flower beds and preparing your garden.

Spring cleaning is a great way to help keep your home healthy by doing a deep clean to get rid of dust, dirt, and mold. Depending on the size of your home, you could devote a day to get it done or spread it out, focusing on specific areas. It helps if you can divide and conquer the chores with others in your home. Even little ones can help; get them started young when they think it’s fun to help. One thing that will help the job get done quicker is if you don’t have to work around clutter since you should be touching every surface in your home. Start at the top, dusting light fixtures and bulbs, ceiling corners, and walls. Then clean window treatments, windows, picture frames, and mirrors. Dust all surfaces while working your way down, cleaning behind furniture and appliances. Deep clean the bathroom and degrease the kitchen. Finally, wash rugs, carpets, and other floorings. The best part about spring cleaning is the feeling you have after it’s done.


April is a busy month for Willet Construction. Jeremy will be attending Roundtable meetings for Production Managers on April 21-22. Rick and Jason have their Roundtable meetings on April 26–28. They will be days full of information and feedback to help make Willet Construction a better company and improve how we serve our customers.
The Tour of Remodeled Homes is back! This is an annual event hosted by the Home Builders Association of Lincoln (except during the pandemic). This is your chance to see first-hand various remodel projects and speak to the remodelers. We’ll have a couple of homes on the tour, so stop by and say hi! A listing of Entries can be found here.

Dates: April 23 & 24, 2022
Time: Noon to 5 pm, each day
Admission: $5 to view all Homes – tickets can be purchased at any Tour Entry.

Breaking Down Barriers

Walls were removed and doorways widened for this remodel. Once three distinct areas formed the kitchen, breakfast nook, and dining room. Now the spaces have been integrated for a large kitchen/dining area.

The wall between the nook and kitchen was removed, and the doorway widened between the kitchen and dining room, as was the doorway between the nook and entry.

The door to the garage was removed from the nook and moved to the kitchen area.

This made room for expanding the cabinetry and adding an island with seating.

The perimeter cabinets were done in white with Full Overlay doors with an inset panel, while the island received slab doors in a woodgrain finish. They were all capped with a quartz countertop in a Calacatta Gold. All tied in with a Riverside cabinet pull, in honey bronze and plumbing fixtures in Champagne Bronze. The backsplash was done with a wedge tile taken to the ceiling. The entire space was grounded with new white oak hardwood flooring.


The materials we use in a design can have an impact on healing and wellness. Air quality is at the top of the list which includes eliminating smoke, asbestos, and limiting VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds) which can be found in paints and refrigerants. Ventilation, humidity control, and cleaner surfaces – like using hard flooring rather than carpet, are all considerations when thinking design.


SOS, a morse code distress signal, originated in German government maritime radio regulations adopted effective April 1, 1905. It is not an abbreviation for anything but came to be associated with phrases such as “Save Our Souls” or Save Our Ship.”

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