Mar2022: Hello March!


Hello, March! There are a lot of things to look forward to in March, some you might not even know about. Besides Spring and St. Patrick’s Day, we celebrate Women’s History, Irish American Heritage, Reading, Employees, Vietnam War Veterans, Doctors, and Daylight Savings! We even celebrate our state; March 1, 1867, was the date Nebraska was admitted to the Union as the 37th state. Days are getting longer, and the weather is getting warmer. Even though we have had a very mild winter, we can now officially start spending more time outdoors. If you need an excuse to go outside, cleaning siding and windows, checking gutters and downspouts, and making sure your driveway and pathways are in good shape will give you a good start. There’s still time for more winter weather to hit, so don’t get in too big a hurry to get out your lawn furniture or uncover your pool!


We’re offering pro tips from the industry to make your life easier.

If you are afraid to walk on your deck, it’s time to replace it. We have had customers with this problem. If you have a similar fear, give us a call!

Mid-Century Meets Modern

The owner of this 60+-year-old home thought it was time to introduce her kitchen to the 21st century. The kitchen was gutted to the subfloor, removing some sections of the walls for wiring and plumbing, and replacing the popcorn ceiling with a swirl texture.

After the drywall, next came the cabinetry. To retain some of the character of her mid-century home, we went with wood base cabinets that matched her windows and trim. The uppers were changed to white. Some reconfiguring was done on the stove wall to give her some elbow room while cooking.

Her flooring was updated with a beautiful Luxury vinyl sheet in a pattern that is both reminiscent of the age of the house and yet new and fresh. The backsplash was tiled in a square tile that is also reminiscent of the age of the home but has a hand-made, iridescent quality that brings life to the kitchen.

Besides elbow room, the homeowner received some handy storage features, including a lazy Susan. See the video of the homeowner and Jenny talking about the project here.


We had the honor of assembling the 2022 Food Bank House for the Home and Garden Show.


Last month Jenny went to KBIS, the Kitchen & Bath Industry Show. This is an annual event where vendors and manufacturers can show off their latest innovations for kitchens and baths, everything from floor to ceiling. Here are just a few of the things Jenny came across.


Next month Rick and Jason will be attending their IZAR Roundtable meetings. This is an opportunity to meet with peers around the country to discuss best business practices and offer suggestions and support.


It was 200 years ago on March 9th that the first artificial teeth were patented. Charles M. Graham was issued the Patent (#X03472) on March 9th, 1822.

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