OCT2021: Our Featured Project: Deck Remodel


It’s officially fall! Football is underway, and the holidays will be here before you know it. It’s time to put the hot weather stuff away and get prepared for colder weather. As the leaves fall from the trees, you might want to get your gutter cleaning scheduled. Now is also a good time to reseed your lawn to give it a head start for spring. Once that’s done, you can winterize your sprinkler system and get your hoses put away. While you’re getting your yard ready for winter, clean and protect your outdoor furniture. For fall cleaning, wash your windows and screens before it gets too cold. Dust the summer off your ceiling fans and corners, wash curtains and wipe down the blinds!

Deck Remodel

The backyard entertaining area for this project used to be a basic patio that was three steps down from the house through a hinged patio door. The homeowners wanted to improve the form and function of the space, make it more inviting, and extend the amount of time they could enjoy it.

First, the deck surface was built over the existing patio, raising it to eliminate steps from the house, and also expanded to the end of the kitchen wall. A pergola was built over the extension for a shade feature that also helps shield the kitchen against sunlight.

To make use of the deck in colder months, a fire feature was added on the other side. This portion of the deck is two steps down from the main deck, eliminating the need for a railing, and features a curved corner that follows the curve of the firepit.

The patio door that previously had one functioning side has been replaced with a double French inswing door with retractable screens so both doors can be open during nice weather to get the full view of the deck and backyard. Now instead of a patio, you can enjoy only part of the year, you have a deck that has entertaining options for sun, rain, and cool fall weather.


We’re offering pro tips from the industry to make your life easier.
If you don’t have the time (or skill) to do a repair right the first time – don’t tackle it! It often takes longer and becomes more expensive to re-repair something.


In 1922, October was established as Fire Prevention Month to commemorate the Great Chicago Fire of 1871. Now is a good time to check your fire extinguishers and make sure your first aid kits are stocked. Test your smoke and fire detectors to make sure they are in good working order and replace devices or batteries as necessary. You should have at least one on each level of your home and outside sleeping areas. If you don’t have one, talk to your family about a fire escape plan, and then practice it. If a fire occurs in your home, GET OUT, STAY OUT, and CALL FOR HELP! The American Red Cross has Fire Safety Checklists and Fact Sheets on its website for more information.


Q: Is there timeless cabinetry, that won’t be out of style in a few years?

A: “The classic flat panel door can fit into a number of design styles. Without decoration to date it, the door can fit into a modern home, as well as an older one. Plus, it’s easy to keep clean!”

Welcome Jonathan Goertzen

Welcome Jonathan Goertzen! Our new Project Consultant and his family have recently moved from the Aurora area. He comes to us with loads of knowledge and experience in home remodeling, and we are excited to have him join our team. He and his wife have a 2-year old son, and she currently works managing rentals and real estate. His hobbies and family activities include camping, boating, hunting, fishing, football games, and tuning/building cars.


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