Cabinet Trends

Incorporating storage was a main motivation for home renovations in 2020. Of those who enlarged their kitchens, 20% did so due to lack of storage. And 57% of kitchen renovations included new cabinetry.

One area most popular in kitchen changes is the pantry, in part due to the amount of bulk purchasing done during the pandemic.  Food storage organization starts with a good pantry.

Flex rooms, which can include laundry, pet and craft spaces, and bulk buying storage, are areas where cabinetry upgrades are being seen.

Home offices, garages, and outdoor spaces have seen more cabinetry design.

Incorporating cabinetry to outdoor living spaces gives us expanded possibilities for spreading out and enjoying more of our home base.

Built-in space for a drop zone, especially coming in from the garage has become more important.

Incorporating outlets and charging space into cabinetry is a growing trend.

In the kitchen, there has been an increase in demand for a separate wine, smoothie, or coffee space, along with dedicated spaces for baking, snacks, and homework.

Upper cabinets are being removed while deeper drawers are being used for plate and glass storage. This design is also gaining popularity for easier accessibility.

Shaker cabinets are still a strong leader in cabinet style. Warm wood tones are making their way back as island material or paired with painted upper cabinets.

Painted cabinets in blue are also popular and pair will with white and warm wood tones.

Another thing trending in cabinetry is self-expression, using color.

Modern kitchens are seeing more use of acrylic slab door panels in gloss and ultra-matte finishes.

Floating vanities are gaining popularity, making it feel less heavy in the space.

Appliance garages for magnifying mirrors and grooming tools, and also just keeping clutter off the counter, are in increasing demand.

Incorporating item-specific storage solutions has increased, which might include a mug drawer, divided dish or pan storage, or even coffee pod storage.

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