Welcome to November! The year is winding down; days are shorter and colder. We could start seeing snow fly before you know it! Check your shovels and scrapers now to make sure they’re in good working order. If all the leaves are off of your lawn, move your lawnmower to the back of the garage and move your snow tools to the front, along with salt or ice melt for those icy mornings. You also want to make sure your hand railings and stairs are sturdy and secure so treading on ice isn’t as dangerous. Winterize your AC unit, and also check for broken roof tiles and attic vents now and get them fixed, so you don’t have any unexpected company this winter. To prepare for the company, you DO invite, launder and iron your table linens, then roll them up in wrapping papers tubes to prevent wrinkles. You might also want to have knives sharpened so carving your Thanksgiving turkey is a breeze. Deep clean your bathrooms, and check caulking around your tub and fixtures. You don’t want water making its way into your home’s framing and flooring.

Last but not least, spend quality time with the ones you love this holiday season. If we’ve learned anything from the past couple of years, we’ve learned you don’t know what tomorrow will bring. The memories that will last are the special moments you spend together, not whether the dishes got done right away or that everything was just so. We wish you a safe and happy Thanksgiving!

Siding Story

This home had a very unique siding pattern when we started, and the homeowners desired to maintain some of that character.

The homeowners knew there were going to be some problem areas before we started, having ignored some maintenance issues over the years, and reocurring water in their home after rain. During tear-off, we found some rot under the siding, and also around some windows.

Repairs were made to the structure, and windows were rebuilt using a coal fly ash product so that rot would not be a problem they would have to face in the future.

The new James Hardie siding was applied to the home, combing lap and panel siding. Wooden gutters were replaced with aluminum to help further water-proof the structure.


We’re offering pro tips from the industry to make your life easier.
Make sure to take your garden hose off the spigot over the winter.


In October Willet Construction participated in two Sporting Clay Shoot Events, one hosted by Lincoln Home Builders Care Foundation. The other, sponsored by Window Option Specialists, which was a contractor appreciation event. Participants were Eric McMann, Rick Willet, Jason Willet, and Heather Willet.


Q: How do I choose the right paint color?

A: “Pick your color based on how you want your home to feel and what you want to be accentuated.”


Color psychology is the study of hues and how it influences human behavior. In a U.S. study, blue was the top choice among adults, where yellow was the favorite among children. Blue tends to be associated with feelings of relaxation, yellow of happiness. When considering what colors to use in your home, your personality and preferences should lead the way. That’s what makes a home beautiful and unique when it reflects the people who live there! The only time you want your home to look generic, or like everyone else’s, is when it’s on the market. And because you’re the one living there, it’s important to feel happy and content.


Fall leaf colors are present year-round. When chlorophyll (the chemical that makes leaves green) breaks down, yellow, red, and orange pigments in leaves become visible, creating our beautiful fall colors.

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