Westbury Railing

westberry railingOne thing being in the remodeling business for 25 years has taught us, is which products perform the best over time. Whenever we build or replace a deck, Westbury Railing is our railing of choice. There are a variety of designs, colors, and textures to choose from. So not only does your deck look beautiful, it will last for years to come.

The Tuscany Series has a 2-rail design. This aluminum railing has a rounded top rail and ¾” square or round balusters. Like all Westbury railings, it comes in a variety of colors and finishes. This photo shows their Speckled Walnut finish.

If you are looking for a railing with a more contemporary look, Westbury offers the VertiCable Series. Cable is used in between balusters for a less obstructed of view, while maintaining safety and security. The balusters are 5/8” round with three cables with 3” spacing between balusters. The square posts between sections are 2”, 4” or 6”. There is also a drink rail option.

Westbury Aluminum railing adds a mid-rail in its Riviera Series. The lower part of the railing is similar to the standard Tuscany Series, but then an upper section adds a more decorative touch. The balusters in the upper part of the railing can be spaced in line with the lower balusters, every other baluster, or further. There is even a rounded option in the Riviera “R” line, where there are circles instead of vertical bars.

If you have a view you want to get the most out of, the Westbury Veranda Series rail is the one for you. Tempered glass panels are in place of balusters between posts, which come in 4’, 5’, or 6’ lengths. You get the security of full railing sections with an open concept.

If you want your deck railing to have a little flair, look to the Montego Series. Besides the regular 2-rail system seen here, you can add a third rail similar to the Riviera series. There is also an option of a curved rail, say for your Juliet balcony. The accompanying photo shows a 6” post and drink rail, which are options you can choose for most Westbury railing lines.

There are times when you want to enjoy being on your deck or patio, but don’t want any uninvited pests joining you. The Westbury Screenrail Series is a versatile option. You can have a simple frame, add railing for more security, and even Heavy-Duty Kick Panel Sections. You can even add a door.

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