July2021: Our Independence Day was a BLAST!


We hope you had a fun and safe Independence Day celebration! Here are a few photos from the 4th of July Parade in Bennet. You can see Jason and Heather Willet with some of their favorite helpers.


This summer has been a scorcher so far, we hope you are keeping your cool. Remember to drink plenty of water and wear white or light clothing that will allow sweat to evaporate and reflect sunlight, rather than absorb it. Using a fan outside to keep air moving on a still day will help prevent heat stress. If you are spending a lot of time outside, maybe working in the garden, remember to cool off regularly.


The staff and crew at Willet Construction were polled to see what home maintenance recommendations they would make based on their own personal and professional experience.

This month’s tip – If you have a guest bath or other plumbing areas in your home that get little use, make sure you run water through them to keep the fixtures in good working order. They will deteriorate faster with non-use.


There have been some dramatic changes in how we use our homes over the past year for some people. Either people spent more time at home, or the number of people in the home increased. Make-shift adjustments to the home are now leading to more permanent and better upgrades. According to the “LightStream Home Improvement Trends Survey,” younger homeowners, in particular, wish they had more room. About a quarter of respondents are looking at adding an addition or planning a basement or attic remodel. Other popular projects include kitchen remodels (38%) and bathrooms (32%). If we can help you re-imagine your space, give us a call!


The homeowners for this project were looking for better function from their bath and closet areas. They started with two basic closets and a make-up vanity on one wall, a single vanity area outside the shower, and a toilet area.

The closet walls were removed, and one large closet was framed in. This allowed for a closet organization system to optimize the function of the space, all enclosed behind sliding barn doors.

The bathroom wall was pulled into the room about a foot, which allowed for a shoe and accessory closet to go in behind the shower and the floor space in the shower/toilet room to grow.

With the bathroom wall moved, this allowed room for more cabinetry and mirror in the vanity area. The corner cabinet that sits on the vanity provides easy access for often-used items while keeping them out of sight when not in use. The new lighting, flooring, and paint complete the new calm, updated look.


Recently Jenny was asked, “should I reface my cabinets or get new?” Jenny’s response was, “There is a lot of work that goes into refacing cabinets to end up with the same cabinetry. You would miss out on the benefits of full glide drawers, new bells and whistles you could add, etc. You’ll have to go through about as much remodel discomfort with either choice, so why not get new and have everything you want?”


The famous Three Musketeers candy bar originally had vanilla, strawberry, and chocolate flavors in one! However, during World War II, they changed to only chocolate due to rations.

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