June2021: Summer Time


This year is nearly half over already! Is it flying by for you? If it’s starting to get a little hot outside for you, you can spend some time inside, helping your fridge run better. If you have a water dispenser on your fridge, you should change the filter at least every six months. And don’t forget the ice maker. It can develop frosty crust over time that will prevent it from working correctly, so defrost and clean it each time you change your refrigerator filter. Another way to keep cool is to make sure your ceiling fan blades are clean. This will also help with allergies. While you’re up there, replace any dead lightbulbs. On those cooler days when the windows are open, you want to make sure your screens are in good condition. Even a small hole or rip can allow bugs to enter your home.

Did you know that the rates of larceny and burglary rise in the summer, especially in June when people leave for vacation? Make sure your doors and windows are securely locked when you leave. June is also a good time to go through your medicine cabinet to clean out old meds and restock your first aid kit. You want it to be ready for those summer scraped knees. One way to prevent injuries is to make sure any play equipment is in good order. Loose screws, rust, and splinters can lead to injury or even a trip to the hospital.


The Remodelers Advantage Roundtable held last month was a great success. It was a jam-packed few days of meetings and interviews, food and conversation. We introduced them to local fares, such as Leadbelly, Runza, Lazlo’s, and Valentino’s along with a variety of local wines and brews. And Rick couldn’t let them leave without experiencing Nebraska beef smoked to perfection. Lincoln did us proud, with several members saying they would be happy to live here. Our greatest takeaway from the event was the feedback that we have a great company and an excellent team.

We would like to express our gratitude to our great members of the Izar Roundtable Group for traveling to Lincoln, NE to spend their valuable time helping our company and team improve! If you happen to know of family, friends, or anyone in these cities who needs a referral for a company to help their home, please recommend these great companies who we know deliver fantastic service and customer satisfaction every day.

Mike & Michael DiFabion with DiFabion Remodeling (https://difabionremodeling.com/) – Indian Trail, NC
Clark Harris with Innovative Construction (https://innovateatlanta.com/) – Atlanta, GA
John MacDougall with JMC Home Improvement Specialists (https://www.jmchomeremodeling.com/) –Parsippany, NJ
Joe & Abigail French with Louisville Handyman & Remodeling (https://www.louhandyman.com/) – Louisville, KY
Larry & Mick Giannone with Meridian Construction (https://meridianbuilder.com/) – Lansdale, PA
Patrick & Katie Finn with Patrick A Finn Ltd (https://www.patrickafinn.com/) – Palatine, IL
Nick Sannes with SJ Janis Company, Inc (https://sjjanis.com/) – Wauwatosa, WI

FEATURED PROJECT: Trim Transformation


When this home was built (about 10 years ago), the trim was not a priority. The room had great 10-foot ceilings, but it didn’t make a grand statement. Same for the fireplace, a simple builder-grade tile surround was not a wow factor in the room. Then the owners called us. Our designer, Jenny Huls, came up with a plan, and it started with the fireplace. The tile and mantle came down, and new crown would envelop the room, along with the rest of the main floor.

Jeremy got to work custom-building the fireplace mantle, which would go to the ceiling. There, it would meet the crown and start to really “say something” special.

Wrapping the crown around the main floor can have some interesting intersections, but it turns out beautifully when you have skilled and experienced craftsmen at work!

Along with the crown, new trim was applied to doors and windows. Now the main floor is grand and cohesive.



Recently Jenny was tasked with updating a bathroom while keeping the vintage style of the home. This sink and medicine cabinet fit the bill, along with a graphic flooring to replace their old black and white squares.


Did you know the original London Bridge is in Arizona? Originally constructed in 1831, it started to fall apart by the 1960s. The City of London decided to sell it and build another. American oil tycoon Robert P. McCullogh bought the bridge. It was taken apart in 1963 and shipped to AZ where it was put back together piece by piece in Lake Havasu City, which was founded by McCullogh as a tourist attraction. The reconstruction took three years and was completed in 1971.

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