OCT2020: Fall is Here!

Ah, the crisp smell of fall. The leaves have been changing color and falling. Days are shorter and nights are chilly. Now is a good time to reseed your lawn after the summer has taken its toll. Seeding is the most effective way to repair the damage, and seeding before the first frost of the year allows seeds to take root for a head start to spring.

Also, check out those gutters. Do you have leaves lingering that haven’t made it to the ground? Get those gutters cleaned before ice and snow make an appearance, and while the weather is still warm enough to get the job done. You might also want to get your hoses drained and put away for winter, as well as your sprinkler system.

This is also a great time to do some fall cleaning inside. Dust the summer off those ceiling fans and ceiling corners. Wash curtains and wipe down blinds. It’s also a good time to wash your windows and screens. You want to make sure the view is optimal for watching fall colors and the first snowflakes!


Even though this master bath is on the second floor, it seemed like it was in a dungeon. It was so dark and it was showing wear. The new owner was ready for a transformation. While working under roof lines can be a challenge, the end result is bright and charming.

We gutted the room, taking it down to the studs. The back wall was adjusted to make room for the new soaker tub. The old tub was removed and the wall brought forward for the new vanity.

New tile, fitting the era of the 100-year old home was spread throughout the room. The shower received new shower glass

A brand new soaker tub was placed by the window, rather than tucked under the sloped ceiling. Niches with fun accent tile were placed by the tub and vanity.


If you’re thinking there are some home remodeling projects you’d like to get done but want to wait until after the holidays to get them going, now is the perfect time to start planning. Before construction can begin, your project will go through the design phase. During that time, drawings and plans for the project are developed, input from trade partners for work to be done in their specific areas of expertise is gathered, and the development of a construction contract is finalized. This process takes you from a ballpark amount given at the first meeting to a fixed price based on specific work and materials you want to be included. Being able to control both design and construction creates a more controlled and thorough project.


Welcome, Karl! Karl is a highly-motivated young man, coming to Willet to change his career path and learn carpentry. Karl has been married almost four years to his high school sweetheart, and they have a 4-month-old daughter named Valencia. He said going through the birth process during COVID was an interesting experience. We are happy to have him on board and glad we have some of the best carpenters in Lincoln from whom he can learn.


In October 1880, the first electric lamp factory was opened by Thomas Edison.

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