We’re Celebrating 25 Years!


Happy Anniversary to us! This month marks our 25th year of being in business, and we couldn’t be more proud. As we think about where we started and how far we’ve come, it is both humbling and heart-warming. To think of all the families who have trusted us with their homes, and often back again, it’s so gratifying to know they appreciate us as much as we appreciate them, and you! Thank you for being a part of this journey! To commemorate this milestone, we are planning something special. But, due to recent events, we will be postponing festivities until later in the year.

Weather is getting warmer, and the yards are beginning to flower. Maybe you’ve even had a chance to get your windows opened to let the fresh air in. If you haven’t gotten your spring cleaning done yet, it’s time to kick it into gear. Opening windows will stir up air, which can land on your walls. Take some time to clean the walls; you might be surprised what comes off. While you are opening up those windows, spend a few minutes cleaning them to enjoy the view better. It’s time to start your lawn maintenance routine and get rid of the dead stuff that might have been lying around during the winter. Perk up those flower beds by adding mulch and inspect your fences for any needed repairs.

The owners of this home spend a lot of time outside during the summer, and spending time maintaining their deck is not their preferred past time.  Willet Construction to the rescue!  We replaced the tired wood deck with a beautiful TimberTech deck and Westbury railing that will last them for years to come.  They can focus on fun and relaxation, rather than the upkeep and safety of their deck.

This deck replacement was pretty straightforward.  The layout worked well; the components were just wearing out.  The owners chose TimberTech’s Sandy Birch for the flooring and stairs of their deck with the Rustic Elm color around the outside skirt board (what you see from the yard), to wrap the posts, and for the picture frame.  This frames the floor of the deck that you see while you’re on it.


Congratulations to Jarrod and Cori Homer!  They are the proud parents of twin girls.  All are healthy and doing well.  Mother’s Day had a new meaning in their household this year.  We hope you were able to spend time with your mom this year, whether in person or on the phone.  Regardless, she will always be in your heart.

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