Virtual Tour of Remodeled Homes

Make self-isolation work for you

Being part of the “in” crowd has a new meaning these days. Many are working at home or are laid off due to the health concerns we are facing. Being part of this group can be isolating and stressful, we’re all unsure how long this is going to go on, and what will be waiting for us on the other end. To help take your mind off of current events, here are some things that might be a bit more fun to focus on. Since you’ve been on lockdown, maybe you’ve noticed some things about your home you don’t love, or they have been magnified due to the amount of time you’re there. It’s not too early to call us about what you want to change. Meetings can be held virtually, and you can focus on the project without as many distractions. Having something to look forward to is always more enjoyable than dwelling on something you have no control over. You might have some extra time on your hands right now, so why not do some research into home improvement projects. Find out what styles appeal to you, which projects give you the most bang for your buck. Pinpointing some design ideas will be one step toward your final product that you can do right now.

Hiring a designer now gets you that much farther ahead when the time comes to start construction.  Our designers are conducting meetings over the internet, being mindful of social distancing recommendations.  Just because you’re home doesn’t mean you can’t have a productive meeting and get designs started. Maybe you even want to draw and measure your room.  We can start with that information and go from there. Weather is warmer, and you have nowhere to go.  Why not start planning a deck remodel, or fixing up your porch?  Spending time planning now gives you a head-start when it’s time to build or dig.  Meetings outside and with proper social distancing are easy and possible.

While you’re wandering around your yard, is your siding looking like it has seen better days?  Call Willet Construction for a recommendation as to what would be your best course of action. Time after time, we are called to address a minor issue, or perform a separate project, only to find rot hiding underneath the siding.  We can help you determine if something you see is an easy fix or a symptom of a deeper problem.

Are you ready? It’s time to check your sprinkler system and make sure it’s running well. Once those April showers dwindle off, you’ll need a reliable way to keep your lawn looking green and healthy. This will also take the strain off your AC unit. Remember to change those HVAC filters to keep the air clean. It is best to have your AC maintenance done now, so it’s ready for those hot summer months. It’s also a good idea to have your dryer vent cleaned to increase its efficiency and reduce the risk of fire. If you want to sell your house this spring, talk to your real estate agent to see which improvements they recommend to make your home more desirable to buyers.

Since the Tour of Remodeled Homes was canceled this month, we thought we’d give you a virtual tour of one of the homes we were going to show!  The only thing the homeowner loved about their existing kitchen was the floor and the Craftsman vibe. The layout wasn’t working, the peninsula was awkward, and the fixtures were dated.  A built-in buffet area, although pretty, was not utilized well and accumulated clutter. 

The doorway to the kitchen was resized, and plumbing lines rerun to the new appliance locations.  Everything was removed from the kitchen, including the end of the wall on the oven side of the kitchen and the soffits.  This increased the flow of the kitchen and helped open it up to the dining and living areas.

Lovely new walnut cabinets were installed, creating a new peninsula and a new desk area. Quartz countertop was installed on the cabinets and desk. The floors were refinished and filled in where old cabinets were removed.



Some of the finer details include lifting cabinet doors for easy access to the new desk area. The end cabinet between the kitchen and dining area was done in glass to help keep the transition into the dining area more open. Interest was added above the range with a different style backsplash tile and taking the tile to the ceiling. Specialty switches were used to enhance functionality, as well as new lighting. The result is a brighter and roomier kitchen that answers all the wishes this homeowner had.

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