Did you know there are over 50 questions that need to be answered for a bathroom remodel? While not every bathroom remodel will require that many decisions, it shows there are probably a lot of things you don’t even think about when considering a remodel. In the coming weeks we’ll post some of these questions to give you a head start on decisions you need to make. #WCIBathroomDecisions

Bathroom Decision #1 – What Type
Each has its own unique characteristics that need to be addressed. From a hall powder bath to the master bath, you want to plan to make the best use of your space.

Bathroom Decision #2 – Ambiance
What is the overall look you want your bathroom to have? Do you like the sleek contemporary look, a more traditional look, or maybe a farmhouse vibe. Making that decision helps narrow down the types of products and finishes you will use.

Bathroom Decision #3 – Linen Cabinet or Closet
Will you be adding a linen cabinet tothe room, or do you want a separate closet built? Storage issues are a big part of any home and addressing these when remodeling can make your life easier down the road.

Bathroom Decision #4 – How Many
Planning ahead for the number of people who will be in the room at any time will help ease conflict and increase the enjoyment of the space. A family of five using one bathroom will have different needs than empty nesters.

Bathroom Decision #5 – Water Closet
If there will be multiple people using the bathroom at one time, a water closet separated from the rest of the space will help make that accommodation and increase privacy.


Bathroom Decision #6 – Cabinetry
Do you want a vanity with or without drawers? Do you want a cabinet above the toilet? Do you want his and hers vanities? Thinking about these ahead of time will help you prioritize and save time when planning your remodel.


Bathroom Decision #7 – Wood Species
What kind of wood do you want in your bathroom – Oak, Cherry, Maple, Hickory, Alder… or do you want painted cabinets? Perhaps you want a textured laminate cabinet. Determining the ambiance of the room will give you some direction regarding the finish of your cabinetry.

Bathroom Decision #8 – Sink
What would be your ideal sink in the bathroom – drop-in, undermount, integrated with the countertop? Perhaps you want a vessel sink that sits on top of the counter, or a pedestal sink.

Bathroom Decision #9 – Second Sink
This will be a question you need to answer before you decide on cabinetry. Is there room for a second sink? Will the two sinks be in separate vanities or in one?

Bathroom Decision #10 – Countertop
Just as in a kitchen, there are a lot of choices for your bathroom countertop – quartz, granite, solid surface, laminate, or Onyx. Your style and budget will help narrow your choices.

Bathroom Decision #11 – Backsplash
Some countertops can have a backsplash integrated or made of the same material, or you can choose to have a tile backsplash. Do you want a backsplash to be 4” tall, or to go all the way to the ceiling?

Bathroom Decision #12 – Tub Surround
If you have a tub separate from the shower, it would be best to have something more than drywall around it. You can choose tile, or a solid surface material. You can have larger panels of marble or even granite, or have the floor tile run up the wall as well.

Bathroom Decision #13 – Flooring
Again, your bathroom style will narrow this choice down for you, but think about if you want wood, tile, or a vinyl of some sort. The options are endless.

Bathroom Decision #14 – Baseboard
This is one of those little things most people don’t think about. Do you want your baseboard to match the other trim in the room? Maybe you want a tile to match the flooring. You might want to have the tile on the wall go all the way to the floor and won’t need a baseboard.

Bathroom Decision #15 – Fixture Colors
You’ve probably seen the 70s bathrooms with avocado fixtures. Maybe that’s why you’re doing a bathroom remodel to begin with. It’s best if all your fixtures are the same color. And if you want to update your bathroom but don’t want to spring for a new tub, you can consider having it resurfaced to match your new fixtures.

Bathroom Decision #16 – Faucets
What finish do you want in your bathroom? Chrome is the most common, and usually the most cost-effective. But you can also choose to have polished nickel, brass, bronze, gold or black fixtures. Do you want a single-lever or two-handle faucet?

Bathroom Decision #17 – Lighting
Bathrooms are one place you want enough light. Do you want pendants over your vanity, recessed lighting in the ceiling, or perhaps sconces on the wall? Do you want lighting integrated in the toe-kick or under your countertop? These are all things to consider in your bathroom remodel.

Bathroom Decision #18 – Exhaust
This is a very important component in a bathroom, with its own set of decisions to make. Do you want a fan/light combo? Do you want it on a timer, say for a steam shower? How you use your space will help determine your needs.

Bathroom Decision #19 – Bathtub
Will your bathtub be separate from the shower? Do you want a soaker, whirlpool or jet tub? Do you want your tub free-standing or built-in? The amount of space you have will help determine your answer. Or maybe you want to borrow some space from an adjoining room, or even add on to your house.

Bathroom Decision #20 – Shower Walls
If you have a tub/shower combo, you’ll need to have a waterproof covering on your walls. You can use fiberglass panels, solid surface, Onyx or tile. When considering shelves or niches in the shower, how much product do you need to accommodate? Do you want a foot shelf or bench? Things to consider when planning your shower.

Bathroom Decision #21 – Shower Base
Besides what to use on the walls, the base is something else to consider. Do you want your floor tiled, or a pre-fabricated base? Will you want a low-profile or zero-entry into your shower? Do you want your shower floor to be heated?

Bathroom Decision #22 – Shower Glass
If you’re opting for a shower door rather than a curtain, do you want something framed or frameless? Do you want your glass clear or textured for a more obscure view? Do you want your door to pivot or slide? Maybe you want some of your shower walls to be glass as well. All things to think about.

Bathroom Decision #23 – Toilet
There are various heights of toilets to choose from, as well as shapes. Do you want a soft-closing seat, or self-cleaning? Thinking about these things ahead of time will make the decision process easier.

Bathroom Decision #24 – Storage
Besides a linen cabinet, you might consider if you want additional storage in the bathroom. Maybe you want some open shelving for easy access. Do you want a clothes hamper built into your vanity cabinet?

Bathroom Decision #25 – Laundry Chute
This is a handy feature that needs to be planned for in advance. If you don’t have one currently, the answer is probably no. But if the bathroom is just one floor above the laundry, it might not be too difficult to integrate.

Bathroom Decision #26 – Grab Bars
Grab bars add a nice safety feature in a bathroom, either for you or your family members. Do you want them in the tub area, or near the toilet? Do you want a handle to grab onto as your exit the bath? Things to consider when planning your bathroom.

Bathroom Decision #27 – Medicine Cabinet
Do you want your cabinet built into the wall, or mounted on it? Do you want light integrated in it, or nearby? Maybe you just want your current one finished to match your new cabinetry. All things to consider.

Bathroom Decision #28 – Natural Lighting
Natural lighting in a bathroom has many benefits, one being saving electricity. You can bring natural light into your bathroom with a window, skylight, or sun tunnel. Where your bathroom is located in the home will determine which of these you can utilize. Maybe a new window will so the trick.

Bathroom Decision #29 – Shower Fixtures
Do you want a hand-held shower head, or body jets? Do you want a second shower head or chromotherapy included in your shower? Do you want a spa experience, or do you just need your shower to work efficiently? Maybe you want to be able to bathe pets easily. All things to consider when planning your bathroom.

Bathroom Decision #30 – Bath Accessories
What type of toilet paper holder do you want? How many towel bars do you need? Do you want a towel warmer? Do you want robe hooks? Do you want towel bars or arms that are open on one side? What finish to you want? All things to consider when planning your bathroom.

An important question to consider when thinking about a bathroom remodel is “What do you dislike most about your current space?”. Pinpointing the things you are most unhappy with can direct how much you need to do to correct it. It’s easy to go over budget if you don’t have a firm idea of what you want to accomplish.

An equally important question to ask yourself when planning a bathroom remodel is “What do you like most about your current space?”. What is working well, or what do you not want to lose? Answering these questions will make narrowing down choices easier.

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