Cabinet Hardware

When you want to spruce up your kitchen or bath, sometimes something as simple as replacing the hardware is all you need to do. If you are doing a full remodel or building new, hardware decisions should come later in the process. Hardware is the jewelry of the kitchen, you want to have it compliment what it is accessorizing. There are so many styles to choose from, it can be overwhelming to decide. If you can narrow down a few basics of what you’re looking for, it can make the task a little easier to handle (pun intended).

Knobs or Pulls – Knobs require one fastener to attach it to a drawer or door, where a pull requires 2. If you are replacing hardware and want to use the same holes, this will make it easy to decide which type you need. It’s common to have drawers with pulls and doors with knobs. For larger doors, such as a pantry, or drawers, pulls will work best. This way you can use your whole hand to open, rather than just your fingertips. The trend is moving towards having all pulls, with drawer pulls horizontal and door pulls running vertically. If you are using the same holes, measure the distance between them to make your shopping easier.

Straight or Curved Hardware – You can take some direction from your cabinetry for this choice. Consider the door style, the countertop edge, and other elements in your space. Cabinet doors with arched panels, ogee edges, or beads in the profile would be on the curved side. Shaker doors, flat panels or slabs would look better with square or straight hardware.

Hardware Finish – Traditionally a kitchen or bath would have all metals in the room the same. Having a chrome faucet meant there was probably chrome hardware, light fixtures, etc. Nowadays, mixed metals in a room is perfectly acceptable, and adds interest in the design. Don’t feel like you have to be limited to what is already in the room. However, you do want the finishes to complement each other. If you need some direction, a consultation with a design professional might be in order.

Try It On – Make sure the cabinet hardware you choose feels comfortable to use. If you have access to a display, slip your hand in to see how the hardware fits your hand and if it will be comfortable to use. Does it feel good, is there enough space for your fingers, are there any sharp edges? You don’t want to be annoyed every time you use it. If a display isn’t available, some companies will ship you a sample you can try out at home.

Cost – As with most things, you get what you pay for. You want the finish to last and the hardware to look nice. Larger hardware will cost more, simply because it takes more material to make them. Some metals will cost more than others, for example stainless steel will be more than chrome. Choosing hardware from a cabinet or plumbing showroom will offer you more to choose from, and knowledgeable staff to assist you.


Backplate – Besides the pull or knob, you also have the choice of a backplate. A backplate is an extra piece that fits between the hardware and the cabinet. It can enhance your design and also helps keep your fingers from rubbing the cabinet finish each time you use the knob. Backplates can be placed behind either a knob or pull, and can be as simple or as ornate as you want to get. Visit our showroom to see our selection!


Latches – Besides pulls or knobs, you also have a latch option. These are reminiscent of days gone by and would fit into a traditional, steampunk, or country design. They come in about any finish as a regular knob. They will be placed at the edge of the door with the receptor on the frame or adjoining door.


Specialty – Sometimes you want your knobs to say something more than grab here to open. Maybe you want some fun knobs for your bar area, or to continue a theme you have in your room. There are a lot of specialty knobs that can add that additional spark to your room.

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