It’s a chance for new beginnings and a bright outlook. Nothing helps you unburden your life like getting rid of clutter. As you put away Christmas decorations and get your home back to normal, take some time to get rid of items that don’t make you happy, or you just don’t use anymore. If there were decorations you didn’t get out at the beginning of the season, why store them another year? We often just add to our storage needs, rather than pulling out the old as we replace with new. That goes for clothes, too. When you buy a new item, get rid of something else you don’t wear. This helps keep your closet space from needing expansion. It also makes the job less daunting if you do one piece at a time. Now is also a good time to get a head start on that dreaded tax chore. Get your 2020 bills organized, files made for 2021, and your tax file ready. We hope your year is one of good health, peace, and prosperity.


Every inch of this home’s main floor was updated, except for the fireplace stone. The new residents wanted an open-concept, an updated kitchen, bath, laundry, and an overall facelift. They also wanted a more energy-efficient home. We delivered! When we started, each room was divided from the others with some sort of wall, and each room had its own type of flooring. We removed the wall separating the entry from the dining room, the peninsula, cabinets, and soffit separating the kitchen from the family room. The flooring was also removed from the main floor, along with all the doors and trim.

The bathroom was also gutted, removing the old fixtures, flooring, wallpaper, and soffit. Cabinets were removed from the laundry room, along with the door, window, wallpaper, flooring, and trim. A beam was needed to support the roof after walls were removed, which was concealed in the new ceiling. We added support through a post that ran through the new island to enlarge the kitchen and remove the desk area. We were even able to run wiring through the post for use at the island.

To expand the living space even more, a deck was placed off the living room for full enjoyment of the view and the Nebraska sunsets.

The former tub was replaced with a nice soaker with a calming gray tile surround in the bathroom. The vanity was replaced with a Showplace cabinet painted with a soft cream matte finish and topped with an Onyx sink and countertop. The shower also received new Onyx walls, base, and bench. The room was finished with new LVT flooring, paint, lighting, and plumbing fixtures.

In the laundry room, new Showplace cabinets replaced the old ones in a better layout for the room. These were painted in a Heron Plume matte finish and then topped with the same granite as the kitchen. A deep utility sink replaced the old standard sink. The flooring is Mannington Adura Max vinyl plank, which is waterproof and spreads throughout the home’s main living area.

In the kitchen, the desk area was reconfigured to house the wall ovens. Where once the room was closed off, it was opened to the rest of the main floor. The window was moved over to accommodate a better cabinet layout and more efficient flow. The fridge was relocated and housed in the same cabinetry as the rest of the perimeter, and the sink moved over to align with the window. The cooktop is now on the large island, which is in the same wood finish as the fireplace cabinets, to tie the two rooms together.

Now the living areas all flow together in one cohesive design. What you can’t see is the whole HVAC system was updated as well. It’s perfect for entertaining and family gatherings.


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Congratulations to Jason & Heather! They welcomed a new baby girl to their family on Thanksgiving (It’s kind of a tradition to have their babies on holidays or other’s birthdays). Welcome, Eliah Greer Willet! 2020 has been the year of baby girls for Willet employees.


January 27 is Thomas Crapper Day. No, he didn’t invent the toilet. He was a plumber and businessman who invented the ballcock – the floating ball that is in the tank of many toilets.

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