Our Open House Is Just Around The Corner


This month we’re following up on the Fir Hollow remodel. Take a look at some of the other remodel highlights below.

The homeowners on this project were previous customers and were moving into a new home. They wanted a few changes made before the move. In the kitchen, soffits were removed and a total makeover transformed the kitchen space.


Once all the utilities were moved, new electrical was installed, drywall went up and the painting was completed. Next, came the new cabinetry and a floor repair install.

Now the kitchen is fresh, clean, and doesn’t feel as cramped.


In their master closet/laundry area, they needed the space reworked to accommodate their washer and dryer and to make the closet area more functional.

In the master closet/laundry area, we started with awkward walls and a small closet area.  The bulk of the room had been used for storage and crafting.

We removed the walls around the washer/dryer and the closet area.  We moved the wall forward behind the washer/dryer to accommodate top-loading units and then installed custom cabinetry, hanging bars, new paint and flooring.







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