How to tackle your remodeling project

So you’ve owned your home for a while and you’re considering changing your space to be more modern and suited to your tastes? You’ve come to the right place. At Willet Construction we can help you with your remodel from concept to finish.

Our relationship with you starts with a simple phone call. During this call we’ll schedule an appointment to meet at your home, and take down your contact details. Between the phone call and our first meeting, we’ll email you a questionnaire so we can be fully prepared for that initial meeting.

Getting to know you and your project

Our first meeting with you in your home is the most important step in planning your remodel. This is where faces get put to names and we begin to see what you are envisioning for your remodel. The best part is this initial meeting bears no cost to you.

We’ll spend an hour or so with you discussing the project, looking at the area to be remodeled and providing a free estimated price range of what it would take to complete your project, and how long it would possibly take.

We’ll also answer any questions you have about Willet Construction, and discuss the process moving forward, such as a Feasibility Study.

Can I really do this?

In our experience, many first-time remodelers are a little surprised at how much goes into a remodel. This is why we offer an optional Feasibility Study. A Feasibility Study illustrates the possibilities within your budget without needing to embark on the entire process of material selections, bidding from sub-contractors, and more.

The Feasibility Study presents conceptual drawings for the project, ideas for materials you may want to use, and creates an estimate of the products to be used, labor, and subcontractor pricing, typically with a 10% variance of the actual cost.

While we offer the Feasibility Study as a tool to help you gauge the total scope of your project, most of our customers typically skip the study and move straight into the Design/Development Contract.

Putting plans into motion

Your project truly begins to take shape when you sign the Design/Development Contract. Our designers will work with you to make product selections and create computer-generated drawings with detailed measurements to provide an accurate proposal of the work needed.

This is when we’ll walk you through our Kitchen and Bath Design Center. The Design Center allows you to not only see potential materials for your remodel, but to touch them. Our designers will assist you in selecting any materials from cabinetry and hardware, countertops, tile, lighting, and even special order pieces.

We’ll also schedule a meeting on the job site with subcontractors to get firm pricing for you and plan out any electrical work.

The completion of this phase is presenting a fixed price Construction Contract.

Getting to work

Signing the Construction Contract allows us to begin the work on remodeling your bathroom. A Project Manager will oversee the work from start to finish. You will meet your Project Manager at a pre-construction walk-through. They will be able to answer any questions you have, and schedule the work with you.

You will also receive an email to set up your Buildertrend account. This is the main communication tool we use with you throughout the project. Buildertrend provides contract total updates, payments received, emails, schedules, photos, change orders, and final material selections.

We’ll also secure any necessary building permits and give you a detailed project schedule two weeks prior to the beginning of the project.

Finishing touches

Once all the work is complete we will do a final walk-through of the project with you to make sure everything is to your satisfaction. We take great pride in our work, and even more in doing business with you.

We hope this brief overview of the remodeling process helps you on your journey in working with Willet Construction to bring your vision into reality.

Call or email us, or get in touch with us on Facebook to set up an initial meeting for your project.


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